The Virginia School of Nail Artistry, also known as Virginia Nail School, is located in Central Virginia. The school is about 20 miles southeast of Charlottesville. This is a private attentive small sschool that is only open by appointment.


Please use the contact page to request a private meeting to ask about classes or register. Call 434-589-6245 to leave your information so that the instructor to call you back.u Click the contact page to email the instructor right now.


Nail only schools in Virginia are rare because of the poor profitability. Financial Aid is not offered for Nail Education in Virginia but it is for hair education so most beauty school businesses looking for profit open hair schools. If they do offer a nail course it is usually taught by a hair instructor with most likely limited nail care experience to avoid the cost of another teacher.


The instructor here donates her time to run the school on the side of servicing her regular clients.  The course was designed by a Nail Technician Instructor with over 23 years of experience in the nail industry. Students are taught current trends plus the lost trade skills of the past before the Nail industry dramatically changed in the 90's.


The instructor has a serious passion to create quality licensed Nail Technicians and make the Nail Care Industry well respected again. She feels that properly educated nail techncians can help customers understand their rights to increase the growth of professional nail care service everywhere. 


The program offers a Nail Technology education like no other in the state. Attention is provided to each student to adjust to their own personal learning style and schedule. The graduates of this school become some of the most desired and respected professional Nail Technicians in the industry.


Graduates from this school have opened their own business, work from home and are employed by top resorts/spas across the state. Students learn the knowledge required to compete while being appreciated by clients and employers everywhere. 


Almost all of our graduates drive at least 1 hour to attend classes here. More than 50% of our students drive two hours or more to attend classes here. Many students attend from out of state to be able to work in Virginia or with plans to transfer their license out of state.


Don't waste your money or time on training that won't make money from unexperienced instructors with very little nail care experience. This school focuses on real life nail training and the information needed to pass the state exams to obtain licensure. The instructor can answer all your questions relating to nail care. 


The Instructor at this nail school is an experienced and currently overbooked Master Nail Technician with over two decades of experience in the nail industry. She knows how to do ANY nail service in the industry and has worked in many positions from being a sales rep, high/low end nail salons, award winning salons, in homes/hotels of the wealthy/famous, working at home, top resorts, owning a day spa and a nail salon. She can guide graduates into the best fit of their own personal skills.


Fully paid graduates are like family here and will always have direct contact to the instructor for many years of informational assistance as they grow in the industry.  This school is very proud to hold one of the highest Nail Technology State Exam pass rates in the state!


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Open by appointment


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