Students can choose to take the course 100% inside the school instead of online. This choice is for students that learn better with help and organized instruction.  Sign up and pay early to get the best class dates. This option is recommended for students wanting attentive one on one instruction. Local job training/placement opportunities could be available during the in-school course, if interested. 

2017 NEW Student Course In-School

For students that never took a nail technology course or did not finish one

  • Start in 1-16 weeks based on class opening date in the Instructor's calendar
  • 16 week course attending one day a week by appointment. Flexible & preplanned.
  • Textbook purchase is separate from our cost, click the book picture below to buy one
  • Option A  $3,700 paid in full to start (payments with cash/check $3,500)
  • Option B $2,500 down with fifteen $100 weekly payments (no credit check)

Licensed Massage Therapists and licensed Estheticians can get 5% off the in-school course. 
Down payment option requires down payment 7 or more days before starting. Payments start on first class. 

2017 New In School Course Payment
Enter Student Name

Click the picture below to buy your textbook online at Amazon anytime

  • Purchase the book below new or used at varied prices
  • Already highlighted pages may cause some confusion with in-school education
  • Ebook option and renting is not recommended
  • Only buy the textbook, no other books are required or needed
  • To purchase from the school here: $150 plus optional $10 mailing fee (3-4 week delivery)


Buy your Textbook now

REPEAT Student Course In-School
 For students that took a nail or cosmetology course MORE than three years ago  

  • teaches the book knowledge to help pass the written exam
  • must already know basic hands-on nail service skills 
  • helps those with a license expire more than two years ago for exams


  • 10 week course attending one day a week or any 10 days for 2-3 hrs
  • Will prepare students for written exam plus practical exam education
  • Option A  $1,500 paid in full to start
  • Option B $800 down with nine $100 weekly payments

Proof of previous education required. If previous school closed, contact DPOR (804) 367-8509. 
Full completion of previous education may not  be required, contact us with details. 
Students must have a final grade of 78% or higher to be re-released to take their state exams. 

Repeat students not pre-authorized to take exams can also take the online course 
Repeat students that are pre-authorized to take exams can take Step 1-2 & Step 4 online


REVIEW Student Course In-School
For students that took a nail or cosmetology course LESS than three years ago

  • quick re-review to prepare for written exam
  • helps those that recently failed the written exam or didn't take them yet
  • must already know all hands-on nail service skills
  • must have basic knowledge of book study from previous education


  • 6 week course attending one day a week or any 6 days for 2-3hrs
  • prepares students for written exam plus practical exam education
  • Option A  $900 paid in full to start
  • Option B $600 down with five $100 weekly payments

Students must already be approved by DPOR to take their state exams for this option of educaton.
This review option does not release students by this school or teach any hands-on nail care skill

Review students can also instead take just take Steps 1-2 & 4 online 
Review online course coming soon. Email for details. 
Review students just loooking to prepare for practical exam should go to lab tutorials


START DATES: Classes can start in 7-30 days based on instructor date availability match to students ability to attend. No date is reserved until the course is paid for. It is open to first come first serve.

CLASS TIMES: Most class times are between 9am-5pm on Mon-Wed. Classes are made by appointment with the ability to reschedule when planned ahead. Students can come twice a week to finish faster if they test well after chapter 6. Other class days and hours will vary in the year, please contact the school to request availability. Email

PAYMENT IN FULL: Total cost with cash or check is $3,700 due in full to start. Contact the school for a single (or mutiple) invoice to be emailed for someone else to pay for you online with a card. Students must purchase their book from amazon or add $150 to purchase it from here. Discounts vary in the year. State exam fee and state license fee is not included in our costs. 


FINANCIAL AID: We do not offer any scholarships at this time. There is no finacial aid like Pell Grants for nail schooling in the state of Virginia. There is aid for those wanting to go to hair school but we don't teach hair here.


BARTER TRADE: Do you have something to trade for the cost off the in-school course? Contact the school if you have something of value like a working used vehicle, riding mower, auto business tires/repair or other large item to see if the cost can have a deduction or all of the course cost. This trade option is NOT available for the online course, only in the school course (exception only to the lab cost in the online course).

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