Students can choose to take the course online instead of attending in-school. This choice is for students that learn better on thier own without much help or if they are already experienced and just looking for licensure. Students can start anytime they want online by clicking the yellow bar below. Check our requirments page to make sure you can get a VA Nail Tech license. The online course must be completed in under 12 months to avoid paying to start over to prepare for updated exams.

Start learning online now for $150
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Online study is available 24/7 to use on a tablet, desktop and laptop. Students pay for each step before they start. Two tests and labs must be done at the school to finish the online course. Students wanting instruction with one-on-one attention should consider the in-school course instead of online.  

Step 1

Intro study done online

This first step costs $100 with a $50 registration fee due during the 1-2 weeks of study. Book purchase required. This step can take 2-8 weeks to complete. Start anytime.

Step 2

Science study done online

The second step costs $200 to continue studying online. This step can take 2-8 weeks to finish. Start anytime after starting step 1. Student kits are optional for $850 if interested with a 5-6 week delivery time.

Step 3

Test 1 done at the school

The third step is testing done at the school on the material learned in Step 1-2. The cost is $50 per try to pass and is made by appointment during the week. 

Testing Fee
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Step 4

Procedure studies done online

Student move on to begin learning service procedures after passing Test 1. The cost is $400. This step can take 4-16 weeks to finish. Student will need kit items during this section.

Get $100 off Section 3 when you finish Steps 1-3 within 2 months of starting

Step 5

Test 2 done at the school

After Step 4 is completed online, students will test at the school on the material learned in Step 4. The cost is $50 per try to pass and is made by appointment during the week. Students with high grade scores can take this test on a lab day in Step 6.

Step 6

Labs done at the school

The last thing to complete is lab training at the school. Lab training is done by appointment in 1-6 days based on the hours you can attend per day. Cost is due up front. The cost is $1,200 or discounted to students that finished steps 1-5 quickly.

Get $600 off Lab costs when you finish Steps 1-5 in under 3 months of starting
Get $300 off Lab costs when you finish Steps 1-5 within 3-6 months of starting

Lab Fees
Enter Student's Name

Step 7

State exams taken for $185

After Steps 1-6 are completed with us we will release you to take the exams we prepared you for. After passing the state exams you can get your Nail Techician license for $75.


TESTING IN-SCHOOL: Testing is offered in the school by appointment Mon-Fri between 9am-4pm like the state exam hours. The cost is $50 per try with a maximum of three tries. After the third try the previous step online must be paid again to repeated. 


LAB TRAINING IN-SCHOOL: Labs are booked first come first serve and the date is reserved by a payment. Most openings are Mon-Wed between 9am-4pm. Weekend hours are usually booked out 4-6 weeks ahead. Holidays, nights and weekend hours will vary in the year. Labs are chosen by the student for 2-6 days based on how many hours they can attend. Students with high test scores and a score of 900+ on Step 4 can take the full one day lab. 


FINISH TIME: The fastest a student finished is 7 weeks but the average is 3-5 months. Students must finish the entire online course with labs in under 12 months. Students taking longer will have to start over with all repeat costs to prepare for updated exams. No exceptions except to confirmed documented medical emergencies.

GETTING LICENSED: After finishing Steps 1-6, students are released to take their state exams to get licensed. There are a few exam centers throughout Virginia. The processing time to get a Nail Technician license after finishing our course is about 1-2 months based on the dates you selected to take your exams. 


FINANCIAL AID: We do not offer any scholarships at this time. There is no finacial aid like Pell Grants for nail schooling in the state of Virginia. There is aid for those wanting to go to hair school but we don't teach hair here.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO GET LICENSED: The total cost to take our online course can be about $1,450 to $2,150 depending on how quickly you finsh the course. Plan a savings for $260 to pay for exam fees and the license fee due after finishing the course. A $850 Kit purchase or your own supply purchase is not included in the quoted costs. At any time students can request an invoice to pay for labs or kits online with payments in any amount to pay at any time. Kits are distributed after paid for. Lab dates are reserved after paid for.


SCHOOL LOCATION: The school is about 30 minutes away from Charlottesville, Virginia. This city has a lot of  fun activities to do. This is the only location for this school at this time. A new location will open in Charlottesville between 2018-2021. The closest hotel is about 30 min away at Comfort Inn  or 20 min away at  Best Western .


Don't be fooled by online nail training that can't assist you in getting licensed. They may look fast and cheap but if you read the fine print, it's just training. You must have a Nail Technician license to sell nail services in Virginia. This is a rare state licensed and approved Nail School  to assist those wanting to get a Virginia "Nail Technician" License. We care about students actually getting their nail license by holding one of the highest state exam pass rates!

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