Students can sign up for the expiring 2017 course for a limited time while the school prepares for the 2018 course. There is no financial aid like pell offered for nail education in the state of Virginia.

All 2017 students have one year to finish from the date of their first payment.


The new 2018 course starting soon will have an increased cost and more attendance days required.

The 2017 Nail Course

2017 Intro Course Section 1: $150

  • Pay $100 plus a $50 registration fee
  • 2-8 weeks of all online study (about 30 hours)
  • Click the yellow bar below to start anytime 24/7
  • Great way to just try the course out first (no refunds)
  • Book purchase required anywhere (available on amazon)


2017 Continued Course Enrollment: $1,650

  • Pay $1,650 in full to continue the course enrollment
  • There is no financial aid for nail education in Virginia
  • Add a optional Student Kit for $650-850
  • Pay for enrollment within 24 hours of starting Intro for $1,500
  • Cost includes tuition, continued online graded education, first attempt to pass two tests and lab training done in one year.
  • State exam fee is $185 paid to the state testing center when done with course (not included)
$100 with $50 registration fee plus a book to start. Great first step to just try online learning.

How to finish the 2017 course:

  1. Start the first online study for $100 to complete about 30 hours of online study. Pay the $50 registration fee during study. Purchase a textbook online anywhere you want.
  2. Pay the $1,650 balance of the course cost to continue.  Students paying the balance within 24 hours of starting only pay $1,500 for the balance.
  3. Optional student kit purchase is $650-850 extra. Paid Separate. Kit items needed after about 60-80 hours of online study is done.
  4. Complete around 100 more hours of online work.
  5. Take Test 1 at the school. $50 per retake if failed. Testing can be done on lab days for less trips to the school. Retests are only offered after 24 hours by appt.
  6. Take Test 2 at the school.  $50 per retake if failed.
  7. Take lab classes at the school. Students pick lab dates.
    Days will vary please contact the school with your experience details to see how fast your skills are to complete training. Read more details below.
  8. Pay the state a $185 fee to take the state administered exams to get licensed.
  9. Pay the state $75 to get your license. $105 after 8/2018.
2017 Nail Course
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Students are recommended to study 5-10 hours each week to complete the course within a year. Working more hours will complete the course faster. There is about 100 hours of online study. Students use smartphones, smartpads, laptops and desktop with access to the internet. All online study is self paced and open 24/7.



Students must pass two Tests at this school to finish the course. The cost is $50 per try to pass each test. Testing takes about 1 hour and is made by appointment Mon-Fri between the hours of 9am-4pm just like the state Exams. Testing can be done anytime after completing Section 2 online up to on Lab days. 2017 enrolled students tell the school when they are ready to test. 



The last assignment is when 2017 students attend lab days at the school. Lab days are by appointment on Sat and/or Sun between 10am-6pm. Sometimes a Mon & Wed lab time is available 10am-3pm in 2107. Students should plan 1-2 months ahead to find available lab dates.

Students that sign up after Dec 1 can only attend labs on a Mon or Wed between 10-4.



Students have one year from the date of paying for the first Intro Course to finish the course to avoid paying to start over from the beginning. On average, graduates take 4-6 months to finish. Cost covers one year of access. 



Students are released and prepared to take their exams after successful completion of the entire course here. The state exams are offered in several locations throughout Virginia. Students can get their Virginia Nail License after passing the state administered exams.


The Student kit is optional with a 4-6 week delivery time to pick up at the school. It is not mailed outside the school. Sometimes we have them in stock.

Click the pic to buy one. Only buy the TEXTBOOK, no other books are needed. No exam or workbook. Needed within 3 weeks of starting step 1.

Learn inside of the school

Students not wanting to learn online have the option to take the course at the school instead. Cost is $4,500 for a 16 week not-online classes. Start an in-school course in 2017 to get $500 off. Cost includes the kit.

Includes Tuition, Lab Fees, Student Kit and Registration (Book not included)

  • Students must purchase their own textbook and pay in full to start
  • Attend one day a week for 16 weeks by appointment
  • Students will pick an available class day each week
  • In school classes are only available on a Mon or a Wed between the hours of 10am-3pm for 150 hours
  • Sometimes there are weekends to book (but not consistant)
  • Students can skip a week when needed for personal events
  • This inside the school learning is the most successful and best learning experience for students needing more attention to learn book and/or hands on skills. 
  • Student Kit purchase is required to take the in-school course but the case can be taken out to pay $150 less.
  • In-School graduates usually have their license within about 6 months of starting in-school because of the organized schedule
  • Use the contact page or email sales@vanailschool.com with your questions
FINANCIAL AID: We do not offer any scholarships at this time. There is no finacial aid like Pell Grants for nail education in many states including Virginia to pay for students to attend without cost. This is the biggest reason no one wants to open a nail school in Virginia and why there is a shortage of Licensed Nail Technicians. Financial aid is provided for study in Barbering/Cosmetology (hair), Esthetics (skin care) and Massage. This school only teaches nails.

Pre Labor Day 2017 Students
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