2018 Nail Technology In-School Course

Students not wanting to learn online can take the course all in the school.  

  • Cos tis $4,500 due in full to start
  • Cost includes tuition, lab fees, student kit, testing fees and registration.
  • Students must purchase their own textbook and pay in full to start
  • Attend one day a week for 16 weeks by appointment (3 hrs per class)
  • Students will pick an available class day each week
  • In school classes are only available on a Mon or a Wed between the hours of 10am-3pm
  • Sometimes there are weekend days open to book (but not consistantly available)
  • Students can skip a week when needed for personal events
  • This inside the school learning is the most successful and best learning experience for students needing more attention to learn book and/or hands on skills. 
  • The Student Kit is required to take the in-school course and included in the cost
  • In-School graduates will usually have their license within about 6 months of starting in-school because of the organized schedule
  • Use the contact page or email sales@vanailschool.com with your questions
  • In-School is RECOMMENDED to those with no nail experience, those with no college experience, those with simple IEP's, those under 20 years of age, those that need extra attentive assistance, those with no internet, those with English as a second language and/or those that need a strict organized schedule to keep them prepared in attending. 
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