Previous Online Course Students

All students that started a course here before April 2019
 have failed for course expiration on June 1, 2019 if not done**


There are new lessons/requirements added regularly that must be learned to take the state exams to get licensed. 

This is why there was a 6 month to 1 year deadline to finish!



Email with questions about finishing your course or remember/check your last email about what you needed to finish. Your Test scores are also expired and you must pay to retest Test 1 & 2.


Requirement to finish a failed/expired course here**:

  • Pay the 2020 Registration Fee $150
  • Per try to pass Test 1 (chap 1-12) at $50 (1hr appt made after payment)
  • Per try to pass Test 2 (chap 13-22) at $50  (1hr appt made after payment)
  • About 10 Full Lab Days to finish assignments. Subtract days you attended
    Lab Time to do assignments cost $200-300 per day. Supplies are now required to bring.
  • Optional online study 6 month access $250
  • Optional paid in full cost to attend 2020 Course $3,950 finish by 6/1/2020


OPTIONAL. Cost to relearn book/lab on material in the school**:

  • Purchase the updated textbook $100 (not if you have it)
  • $200 Chap 1-5 book at the school 2hrs
  • $200 Chap 6-8 book at the school 2hrs
  • $200 Chap 9-12 book at the school 2hrs
  • $500 Chap 1-12 book at the school 5hrs
  • $300 Chap 13 & 14 book with intro lab at the school 4hrs
  • $250 Chap 16 book with intro lab  at the school 3hrs
  • $300 Chap 17 book with intro lab  at the school 4hrs
  • $200 Chap 15, 18 & 22 book with intro lab at the school 2hrs
  • $250 Practical Exam Review at the school 3hr (include state supply +$50)
  • $1,650 All Chapter Review at the school done in 6 part time or 3 full time days


Email with your questions. 

All previously paid testing/lab cost was valid for use within one year of payment date


**We are not responsible for poor time managment skills by not finishing work/attendance and/or paying in time. Students taking over a year to finish is the #1 reason the previous course is no longer available. Nail schools in the US finish on average within 4-6 months to prepare for the newest exams. State exams are updated regularly.This information and requirement can change at any time to add new state requirements. Payment and prompt timely completion locks in the requirement/cost due.


Did you or do you plan to move?

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