To take our course students must:

1. Be 16 years old within one month of start 

2. A valid Driver's License or DMV ID
3. Social Security Card or a Birth Certificate

4. Passed a 9th grade reading level

5. Pair of color passport photos at labs



To take the course and the state exams, students must have a 9th grade reading level and 4th grade math skills.  A high school diploma is not needed to take the course or to get a Virginia Nail Technician license. 


Students do not have to live in Virginia to obtain a Virginia Nail Technician license, but nail services can only be done in Virginia with a Virginia Nail Technician license. Other states allow transfer into their state based on their own regulations. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for details about moving out of state.


The course here is only taught in English.  An additional study guide can be purchased in Spanish or Vietnamese to go with the textbook. Please ask if we have a Korean guide available. 
The Virginia state exams are offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean. 


ADA Compliance:
The state offers ADA special accommodations for those taking their state exams. This school is ADA compliant with education provided in wheelchair accessible rooms/tables. The two way swinging door can be opened for those needing assitance. Handicap parking is near the door. There are no stairs inside or outside into the school. There is no curb blockage for walkway into the school. The restroom in the school is ADA compliant.


Students with misdemeanors and/or felony conviction(s) must show criminal history reports to DPOR after finishing the course to take their state exams. The licensing department has a form to fill out. The State DPOR board will review the charges to approve or disapprove state licensure. The decision to approve a student for state licensure when students has a felony or misdemeanor conviction is based entirely on the Va DPOR state board, this school has no part in the decision. The board will not make this decision until the student has successfully passed their exams. They will require state police copies of your charges when filing to take state exams. We have had students in the past with convictions that got approval for licensure but it can take months or over a year to finalize.



To obtain a Virginia Nail Technician license you should be clear of any previous violations with licensure issues or disciplinary action in barbering, cosmetology, waxing, nail care, esthetics or tattooing in any other state. The board will review past issues to determine eligibility for state licensure only after exams are passed.


Transfer Out of State

If you move out of state after taking our course and obtaining your Nail Technician license you will also have to move your license. Each state has their own regulations on how they will accept a Virginia Nail Technician license for transfer into their state by reciprocity or endorsement. Some state require a fee, some require more hours of education/proof of working and some require taking their exams similar to the VA exams.


Here is a list of nearby states regulatory offices for Nail Technicians to contact. Click the state to go to their site. 


(804) 367-8509


(877) 374-1155



Maryland Board of Cosmetologist

(410) 230-6320


North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art
(919) 733-4117



West Virginia State Board of Barbers & Cosmetologists
(304) 558-2924 



Kentucky Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists
(502) 564-4262



Tennessee Board of Cosmetology & Barber Examiners
(615) 741-2515




New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling
(973) 504-6400



New York Department of State Division of Licensing Services

Cosmetology (518) 474-4429


South Carolina Board of Cosmetology
(803) 896-4588



Florida Division of Professional Regulation
Board of Cosmetology
(850) 487-1395

(434) 589-6245
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