List of Kit Items

Buying your own Kit Item LIST 

  • Day 1-2: FINISH CHAP 5. 
    Paper homework students bring 2 different color highlighters and any color pen with a small pack of loose leaf binder 3 ring punched paper in their choice of wide or college ruled. 
    Online homework students bring 1 color highlighter and any color pen with a one subject notebook.
  • Day 2-3: FINISH CHAP 13. Prepare to get your nails polished.
  • Day 3-4FINISH CHAP 14 & 19.  Wear flip flops to school and prepare for toe polishing color applied. TEST 5 & 13 due.
  • Day 4-5FINISH CHAP 16.  Prepare to get your fingernails polished again. TEST 14 due.
  • Day 5-6FINISH CHAP 17.  Prepare to have any artificial product on your nails removed (it can be just 2-3 nails but 10 is recommended) and have irregular looking (removable) acrylic put on your nails. TEST 16 due.
  • Day 6-7: Bring supplies in a case or you will pick up your kit if purchased in time. On the first day students are given notice to shop at licensed only beauty suppliers like Cosmoprof and Salon Centric. Sallys Beauty also offers these items. TEST 17 due.
  1. Nail supply tote, suitcase, tackle box or beauty carrying case, table clamp trainer hand with refill tips, hand sanitizer, dehydrator, base coat, top coat, few polish including white & red, polish remover 100% acetone, 99% alcohol, wood sticks, any kind nail wipes, any brand emery board files or nail packs,  lotion, cuticle remover, manicure bowl, cuticle oil (dropper no brush), 200 grit or higher buffers, tiny bag of cotton balls, one 3 way buffer, 2-3 scrubbing nail brushes, 180 grit or higher nail files, polish remover,  3-5 hand size towels (washed at your home or disposable), nippers, curved nail clippersEnough for up to 30 Manicure services during the course
  2. Straight edge clippers, 2-3 disposable slippers, 10-15 disposable toe separators, 5 pumice block, 2-3 sanitizable foot files, a few fine-medium block buffers, box of disposable gloves in your size.  Optional Items: aproncallus remover, massage oil, drying sprayEnough for up to 15 Pedicure services in the course
  3. Silk or fiberglass wrap material, any kind of tiny scissors, any color half well tip, natural color full well tips, tip cutter, 100 grit nail files, medium orange block buffers, 2-3 tubes of nail glue (different kinds of IBD brand recommended), box of clear cheap folding sandwich bags (not ziplock). Optional Items:  activator/accelerator spray.  Enough supply for up to 20 individual nails in the course.
  4. Acrylic nail brush size #10 or smaller, course purple block buffers, EMA acrylic liquid 8-16oz+, acrylic powder 1-2oz+ (pink, clear and white), 80 grit nail files, dappen dish x2 minimum, sticker nail forms, any kind primer and 100% acetone for removals, small box of pop up reynolds or hair coloring foils.  Optional: carbon face mask, brush cleaner, second acrylic brush bigger than #10.  Enough for up to 150 individual nails with acrylic and tips in the course
  5. any brand 4oz or more of Odorless acrylic liquid and 1-2oz or more of odorless matching powder in any color.  Enough for up to 20 individual nails in the course. Available at sallys and it includes a dehydrator and primer.
  • Day 9:  FINISH CHAP 15 & 18.
    Any kind of cheap or expensive Nail Drill with assorted bits. Dust mask. Bits must include silver diamond bits and mandrel bit with assorted grit sanding bands (most drills sets will include them). Optional: Carbide Bit
  • By Day 15:  Finish 6-12 and 22.
  • By Last Day:  Chap 1-4 due. Test on 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22 done.
  • Other items needed during entire course: Any kind of assorted art supplies of your choice that include art brushes and color acrylic craft paint. Ziplock bags in gallon and quart. Black permanent marker. White sticker blank address labels from office supply. 
  • Optional Items to bring: Items can stay here if it is inside ONE clear leak proof named box with a lid. Drill, curing lights, special table light, table vent/filter, seat cushions, specialized masks or other items for student comfort or ADA needs. If you have questions about a product like any kind of gels or dip powder you must bring it. Those products are not provided here for students to use.  We had too many spills and waste previously. 
  • Food & Drink: Students can bring a close lid beverages and cooler packed lunch items but restaurants are nearby and some are walking distance. There is a microwave/sink available for use. The school may be closed if the instructor leaves for lunch. Lunch is usually for an hour between 12:00-2 depending on when class started. There is a tiny fridge (no freezer) but whatever is left in it will be disposed of at the end of the day (no exceptions)
  • On Last Day: State Kit for $50 at the school or get the following yourself.  Rubber hand (with no table clamp attachment), new unopened small kit of odorless acrylic (at sallys), first aid kit with two pairs of bagged gloves and red bio hazard labeled bag, any kind of a rubber hand with adhered tips (not a table clamped), Loctite repair putty with a pair of disposable gloves. 

  • Provided to use at Labs but needed at home: disinfectant spray, disinfectant soaking solution, water, trash cans, clean tool storage container with lid, sterilizer tray/jar, paper towels, lamp, foot bath, small task rolling chairs, nail art paints/some art stuff, antibacterial soap, spill proof jacket, UV/LED lamp and table space.





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