One Day Tutorials

Take a tutorial class to learn a specific subject about nails. These tutorials are also taught in the new 2020 course. 


Individual tutorials do not lead to licensing


The Instructor is a currently working up-to-date Master Nail Technician. She has ownership experience from a multi service salon and a full service spa to know the pros and cons of self employment. She has employee experience working in nail retail, low end nail salons, professional hair salons and exclusive resort day spas to understand all competition and various nail techniques. She has performed nail services on average 40-60hrs a week for the past 25 years. She knows old school and new school techniques. She is a true NAIL Tech not focused on other beauty services. 

She can answer ANY question you have about nail services and the nail industry. She is able to effectively accomodate  instruction for ADD, ADHD, auditory, visual and/or tactile learners. These tutorial classes are taught to only 1-2 students at a time to ensure quality focus to the inidividual student while learning.


As you read the informative details in this school's website (unlike no other), please realize that it also therefore reflects the amount of information here to learn!

Sanitation Procedures

Included in all tutorials

  • Keeping the Tech & Client safe
  • Pre/Post sanitation procedures
  • disinfectant disposal & storage
  • cross contamination avoidance
  • Supply storage and State Violations

Basic Manicure $250

No Mani experience 2.5hr

  • Communication and consulting
  • Manicure equipment
  • manicure service procedures
  • correct use of supplies & tools
  • discussion of various products
  • Massage & cuticle care 
  • durable air dry polishing 

  • french design & child services

  • ergonomics and state violations

Basic Pedicures $250

No Pedi experience 2.5hr

  • Communication and consulting
  • Soaking and plumbing talk
  • Pedicure service procedure
  • correct use of supplies & tools
  • Massage & callus care 
  • discussion of various products
  • durable fast air dry polishing 
  • pedicure area sanitation 
  • ergonomics and state violations

Gel Polishing $250

Did less than 10 gel polish 2.5hr

  • Understanding causes of lifting 
  • Gel polish brand discussion
  • Options to decrease heat 
  • Understanding of various lights
  • Removal techniques
  • Feet and hand application

Basic Acrylic $300

Did less than 20 sets/fills 2.5hr*

  • Open acrylic brand discussion
  • Nail glues and plastic tips
  • Odor & ventilation options 
  • Avoiding product waste
  • Brush sizes and cleaning
  • Safe filing techniques (no drill)
  • Maintenance Fill steps

  • Sculpting application

  • UV Gel coating technique

  • Menu pricing and options
  • Service time discussion

Advance Acrylic $300

Did more than 20 sets/fills 2.5hr*

  • Review of basic acrylic
  • Advanced Sculpting
  • One to two ball application 

  • Gel polish over acrylic
  • Increasing shaping speed
  • Mastering stress points
  • Increasing speed in service
  • Maintenance & repairs

Electric Filing $250

New or never used nail drill 2hr*

  • Proper & safe drill techniques
  • Exposure to various bits
  • Ergonomics  
  • Various brand discussion
  • Drilling for backfilling P&W

Basic Nail Art $300

Very little or no art skills 2.5hr*

  • Review of color theory basics

  • Hand painting, ombre, stamping, shadowing, drawing flowers, color blocking, splatter, marble, striping, dots, embelishment adhesion, foils, cat eye, mirror, holo and matte. 

  • Various techniques with air dry polish, gel polish and paints

Written Study $250

Education for written exam 25hr

  • Schooling or Apprentice proof
  • Online self paced study 24/7
  • Limited 30 day access
  • have a 100% written pass rate
  • English instruction only
  • In-school 4 day x3hr add $500
  • Add 30 day access $50 

Practical Review $250

Review of practical exam 2hr

  • Schooling or Apprentice proof

  • 3 hour step by step review

  • Detailed supply list

  • State Exam Hand included

Dip Powder $300

New to dip powder 2.5hr

  • Step by step process
  • Avoiding lifting issues
  • French dipping
  • Sanitation in service
  • Gel sealing how to
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Brand discussion

Advance Nail Art $300

For those with basic art skills 2.5hr*

  • 3D, blooming, spider, abstract, geometric, dried flowers, inlays, waterway, zero space, netting, textured marble, lace, unicorn, thermal, metal paper, scales, sweater, chevron, staining, jelly, bubble etc.  
  • Various techniques with gels and acrylic

Hard Gels $300

Did less than 10 HG sets/fills 2.5hr

  • Understanding Hard vs Soft

  • Brand and product discussion

  • Various lamps and lights 

  • Ventilation and equipment talk

  • Fill techniques and procedures

  • Pricing variations in menu

  • Service time consistency


Designer Acrylic $300

Did over 100 acrylic fills/sets 2.5hr*

  • Review of basics/advance
  • Drill filing and ventilation tricks
  • Dual form & polygel review
  • Nail biters and short nails
  • Discuss pro acrylics brands
  • Pink & White plus backfills
  • Colored Acrylics & Inlays
  • Fill-in speed and repairs
  • Mastering a quality C curve


Salon Business $350

Becoming self employed?

  • State regulations for salons 
  • Expense predictability
  • Marketing and online visability
  • Sole Proprietor or Incorporation
  • Client building & Retention
  • Employee pros and cons
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Record keeping tips
  • Discussing leases
  • Set up for required documents
  • Credit card acceptance safety
  • Avoiding fines and lawsuits
  • Supplier exposure
  • Inventory planning
  • Salon set up ideas
  • Plumbing options
  • Profit in various community demographics 

Advance Mani/Pedi $300

With some mani/pedi experience 2.5hr

  • Ergonomics for longer days
  • Brand discussion for quality
  • Exposure to tools for speed
  • Detailed cuticle care
  • Spa Service techniques
  • Advance massage
  • Polishing tiny short nails
  • Effective callus care treatment
  • Speed increasing techniques
  • Time management profits
  • Avoiding product/time waste
  • Atmosphere for increased profits
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