Tutorial Training Classes

Tutorials are offered by appointment

By appointment booked 2-8 weeks out


  • One day private 2-3 hour tutorial classes on a specific nail care service
  • Most times are 10am-1pm, 12pm-4pm or 2pm-5pm (other times/days vary)
  • Tutorial classes costs are $250 per class
  • These tutorials do not lead to licensure
  • Students may leave with partial nails done on themselves
  • Offered to licensed or non-licensed students
  • Email sales@vanailschool.com with questions
  • Two student same day class available with a 20% discount
  • Maximum of 2-3 classes per day (single students 3 max, double students 2 max)
  • Maximum of two students per tutorial class (about 4 hours long)
  • Groups 4+ signing up together get additional 10% off (must have pairs with same days)
  • PREVIOUS GRADUATES all get 50% off tutorial classes (with no other discount)
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Nail Salon Basics & Sanitation

This course is great for apprentices or nail techs in training to keep clients and the salon safe. With this course, they will be better prepared to offer safe services in the salon. Students will learn the understanding of client retention as well as salon safety procedures. Students will be exposed to overhead costs to understand the importance of avoiding product waste. Discussion on how to perform safe services plus proper disinfection and sanitation procedures. Explaination of the regulations from the DPOR board for Cosmetology with relation to providing nail services.  

Recommended for new apprentices, new licensed or unlicensed first working with nails

Basic Manicure & Pedicure

Learn the art of Manciuring and Pedicuring. Professional polishing tutorial. Understand sanitation procedures, state violations, proper form and filing techniques.  Learn the do's and dont's of following state regulations in services. 

Learn the basics of Manicuring with exposure to tools, supplies and equipment. Understand state violations and ergonomics. Discussion on how to perform safe services plus proper disinfection and sanitation procedures. Understanding of safe service procedures. Explaination of the regulations from the DPOR board for cosmetology relating to providing nail services. 
No experience with manicures and pedicures. Not helpful for those that have done many mani/pedis.

Advance Manicure & Pedicure

Learn beyond the basics of Manciuring and Pedicuring in upgraded spa services. Training on advance massage, varied paraffin/mask applications, explaination of various profitable speciality upgrade options including time saving techniques. Understanding client comfort and effective callus treatment. Professional product exposure, pricing options and additional upgrade service options. 

Experience with some manicures and pedicures required. 

Intro to Nail Wraps & Tips

Beginner Acrylics   

This is for those that have never applied acrylic nails. Discussion on product lines including MMA, preparation for maximum adhesion, ball ratios, basic tip application, intro to acrylic form application, proper laying of acrylics with an understanding of the importance of correct c-curves and stress points, exposure to safe filing techniques and discussion on lifting and other issues that can show up during fills. All supplies are included during training. 

Recommended for those with no acrylic nail experience (less than 25 sets/fills)
Recommended to bring favorite acrylic brush and have at least two of your fingers with no product on it

Advance Acrylics 

So you can apply acrylic but it's not the best and sometimes you have issues, this class is for you. Quick review of Beginner Acrylics with added training in advance sculpting, assorted free edge shapes, nail bitten nail application, pink & white service, basic acrylic art designs and lifting issues/causes. 
Recommended for those with long term acrylic experience (have done over 25 sets/fills)
Recommended to bring favorite acrylic nail brush and have at least 5 fingers or more with no artifiical product on

Understanding Electric Filing
Learn how to properly use a drill. Discussion on sanding bands verses carbide bits. This technique is a MUST for all nail techs to stay competitive in todays industry! Don't fear the drill, your customers will desire you and appreciate the rare Techs that know how to use a drill correctly. 

Recommended for those first learning how to use a nail drill. Not helpful to those with advance drill skills.
Recommended to bring at least 1-5 of your own nails to work on with or without acrylic nail on

Basic Gel Polishing

Are you frustrated with Soft Gel Polish application? Discussion on the different products out there so you don't have to spend a fortune on trying them all. Proper application techniques and tricks plus problem solving questions answered. Removal techniques and minor discussion on gel powder products. 

Recommended for those that have done less than 20 sets of gel polish or those really struggling or having issues
Recommended to bring at least 5 of your own naked nails to work on with or without acrylic (no gels on)

Intro to Hard Gels

Interested in offering Hard Gel services? Learn 
Recommended to those that have very little to no experience with hard gel services.

Basic Nail Art Skills

Learn how to do nail art! Offer more to make more money with your clients. Understand basic color theory. Learn various basic art techniques to make more money with your nail care services. Recommended to those new to nail art. 

Recommended to those wanting to try out nail art for the first time

Introduction to Nail Salon Business

Learn more about the salon business especially if you are interested in owning your own salon. Figure out what beauty business is your fit: salon, spa, single staffed, ect. Discussion on understanding the responsiblities of ownership and the pros/cons of expansion including incorporating. Exposure to nail product brands and suppliers. Understanding Self-Employment in the salon industry including slow & busy seasons. Optional understanding of salon business management, staffing, marketing options (including online) and financial responsibility & obligations. Understanding Profit and Loss in the salon industry. Discussion on the available appointment scheduling options today, POS and credit card acceptance, etc related to salon business. Don't invest into opening a salon business without knowing the pros & cons of self employment plus what to and what not to do based on your goals and limitations. Bring your questions!!

Recommended to those wanting to open a salon or spa buisness
Group same day class discount available! 2 students get 10% off. Max 2 per class.

State Exam PRACTICAL prep class

Are you already approved and getting ready to take or failed the Virginia State Board PRACTICAL Nail Exam?   This class can help you prepare for it if you feel that you are not ready or do not have an understanding of how to take the practical exam. A list of supplies needed at the state exam is provided. Every student that took this class passed their practical exam from the educational information taught to them.  3hr

Must be pre-approved to take exams and/or failed a practical exam to take this class. This class does not permit you to take the state exams for licensure.

Group same day class discount available! 2 students get 10% off. Max 2 per class.

When are Tutorial Training days?

Most classes are offered on Sun choose 10am-1pm, 12pm-4pm or 2pm -5pm per class.  Most dates are booked out 2-5 weeks ahead so please book early. Classes might be available on Mon, Wed, Sat or Sun. Email sales@vanailschool.com to see if they are available.
How do I pick a date?
Email sales@vanailschool.com to request open dates. The Instructor is usually booked out 4-8 weeks
What if I have a group attending?
The school takes a maximum of two students per class time. Payments from all attendees must be prepaid at least seven days before the chosen attending date to ensure all supplies are in stock. Students attending in groups have to take the same subject class and attend at the same time. Discounts are offered. 
What do I bring to Tutorial Training?
You do not have to bring anything unless you have questions about your own product or your favorite acrylic brush. Friends, family and co workers can not attend or sit inside the school for any classes with you unless they are also paying for the training class.  It is not recommend to bring children to your class, please find accomodations for them so that you can focus on your paid for time to learn.
How do I know that this class will help me learn anything?
Tutorial classes are attentive private training catered to your own specific needs and questions. You will learn the best by bringing all your questions on a paper list or to take notes. These types of nail training classes are very rare in the United States. Attentive training done by an experienced Tech with years of teaching nail artistry skills to those with accomodations on auditory, visual and/or kinaesthetic learning styles.
The Instructor has over 25 years of doing ALL types of nail services. She is not selling any product or showing you skill that looks good for that moment.  She can discuss any nail product brand openly. She will instruct you on the skills that everyday working Nail Techs perform to gain long term repeat business for an income. She is still a currently working overbooked Nail Technician with a modern day understanding of selling repeat business nail services for financial success.
Is there any other locations I can go to?

At this time this is the only location offered in Central Virginia but anyone from any state can attend tutorial classes here.  Exam prep classes are recommended only for those taking the state exams in Virginia. 



What if I want a refund?
Refunds are offered up to a certain time with the deduction of 10% of the total cost for processing loss/fees.  Students must notify the instructor 72 hours before the start time to get a 90% refund. Notifications 48 hours before only gives a 50% refund. Notifications to cancel in less than 48 hours will offer no refund for the school's loss of the inability to book a last minute class opening. 

This school is not here to report unlicensed Techs.The instructor wants to help people with the process of following state regulations so feel free to ask your questions without judgement. It is up to clients, not us to report violations. 


The school must legally mention that: Offering nail care services for financial compensation without the required state license is a criminal offense subject to prosecution as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Anyone selling nail care services in Virginia must have a license posted for customers to easily view. All training apprentices that must post the apprentice card, personally issued to them by the Department of Labor and Industry representative after matching their sponsor to supervise them until their apprenticeship hours are completed and licensed. No one can sell nail services without a license POSTED.


Any establishment selling nail, hair, waxing, massage or skin care services MUST have a license posted for EACH staff member selling services. This license must be in a place where customers can easily find it. If a license is not posted for any person selling services then the business can be reported for violation. 

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