One Day Tutorials



These individual tutorials do not lead to licensing

3 state credit hours per tutorial

Sanitation Procedures

Included in all tutorials

  • Keeping the Tech & Client safe
  • Pre/Post sanitation procedures
  • disinfectant disposal & storage
  • cross contamination avoidance
  • Supply storage and State Violations

Basic Manicure $250

No Mani experience 2.5hr

  • Communication and consulting
  • Manicure equipment
  • manicure service procedures
  • correct use of supplies & tools
  • discussion of various products
  • Massage & cuticle care 
  • durable air dry polishing 

  • french design & child services

  • ergonomics and state violations

Basic Pedicures $250

No Pedi experience 2.5hr

  • Communication and consulting
  • Soaking and plumbing talk
  • Pedicure service procedure
  • correct use of supplies & tools
  • Massage & callus care 
  • discussion of various products
  • durable fast air dry polishing 
  • pedicure area sanitation 
  • ergonomics and state violations

Gel Polish Intro $250

Did less than 10 gel polish 2.5hr

  • Understanding causes of lifting 
  • Gel polish brand discussion
  • Options to decrease heat 
  • Understanding of various lights
  • Removal techniques
  • Feet and hand application

Basic Acrylic $300

Did less than 20 sets/fills 2.5hr*

  • Open acrylic brand discussion
  • Nail glues and plastic tips
  • Odor & ventilation options 
  • Avoiding product waste
  • Brush sizes and cleaning
  • Safe filing techniques (no drill)
  • Maintenance Fill steps

  • Sculpting application

  • UV Gel coating technique

  • Menu pricing and options
  • Service time discussion

Advance Acrylic $300

Did more than 20 sets/fills 2.5hr*

  • Review of basic acrylic
  • Advanced Sculpting
  • One to two ball application 

  • Gel polish over acrylic
  • Increasing shaping speed
  • Mastering stress points
  • Increasing speed in service
  • Maintenance & repairs

Electric File Intro $250

New or never used nail drill 2hr

  • Proper & safe drill techniques
  • Exposure to various bits
  • Ergonomics  
  • Various brand discussion
  • Drilling for backfilling P&W

Nail Art $300

Very little or no art skills 2.5hr

  • Review of BASIC color theory basics

  • ADVANCE Hand painting, ombre, stamping, shadowing, drawing flowers, color blocking, splatter, marble, striping, dots, embelishment adhesion, foils, cat eye, mirror, holo and matte. 

  • Various techniques with air dry polish, gel polish and paints


Do you already know the basics?

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Exam Preparation 

Student must be approved to take the state exam from completion of state apprenticeship or a state licensed education. Those with expired licenses should speak to someone at the school before signing up.

Online Written Study $200

Online Education for written exam 25hr

  • Online self paced study 24/7
  • Limited 30 day access
  • English instruction 
  • Add 30 day access $50 

In-School Written Study $1,250

Classroom Education for written exam 2hr

  • Education in the school

  • 5 days x 3-4 hrs 

  • English Instruction

  • ESL tutoring add $250

Practical Exam Review $250

Review of practical exam 2hr

  • 2-3 hour step by step review
  • Review of state techniques
  • Detailed supply list
  • Prepped hand included
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