Online Study

The 100 hours of online study is self paced to finish whenever you want before a deadline.

2021 online study opens on Aug 1, 2020 and will increase to 120+ hours of online study



Students do some, most or all online work before attending


Homework Hours

12 hrs due before Day 1


8 hrs due before Day 2


5 hrs due before Day 3


7 hrs due before Day 4


8 hrs due before Day 5


9 hrs due before Day 6


9 hrs due before Day 7


8 hrs due before Day 8


4 hrs due before Day 9


Finishing Up

15 hrs due by Last Day


15 hrs of Practice Testing


Students can work ahead anytime 
to attend back to back days 



Nail History

Personal Skills

Professional Image


Anatomy & Physiology

Nail & Skin Structure

Nail Disease and Disorders

Basic Chemistry & Electricity

Understanding Nail Product

Manicures* & Pedicures*

Nail Tips* & Wraps*

Acrylic I-II*

Gel Nails
Electric Filing*

Nail Art

State Exam Prep*

Pass In-School video recorded test on online work

Attend all * training sessions/work

Pass state exam=State Licensed

Students get immediate access to the Online Course after payment:

  • self paced to study when you want before the deadline (see below)
  • study online anytime 24/7 whenever you want. 
  • use a cell phone, ipad, laptop or computer
  • about 100 hours of online study
  • students that don't have internet access can do paper homework
  • recommended online study time is about 10 hours per week 
  • Basic must be done with online study anytime before 8/01/20
  • Advance students must be done anytime before 9/01/20
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