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The first payment is due in about 30-45 days. If you paid today fast foward to the first of the month. The first payment is due by the next first of the month. Students are free to pay more whenever they want. They are not released to take exams until the course is paid for. 

Students will make their payment online or at the school when they want as long as the minimum amount is paid by 11:59pm on the first due. Some students wait until the first or some make multiple payments in varied amounts throughout the month to make the minimum by the first. 

Late Fee=(5% of balance owed) will be applied at 11:59pm on the 1st each month when the minimum is not paid by then. Course cost and late fees must be paid to complete the course.


We release students to take exams after paying, passing and finishing the course. Students will pay $172 (to the state's exam center) after finishing the course. Grads need about $100 of supplies to take the exam. Students will also pay $95 (to the state licensing agency) after passing the state exams to get their Virginia Nail Technician license.  


Supplies are needed at home for practice before and after classes. Students can buy a kit here (to take the guess work out) or a list is provided after enrollment to get Sanitation, Mani, Pedi, Tip & Acrylic products to use at home. 



Paying in full allows students to book all their dates (after planning) and get released to take their state exams for licensed (after finishing the online study and most attendance)

For the payment plan, the minimum downpayment is $1,000. Students can book their first date but a monthly payment must be paid for each additional date. Students are not released to take the state exams (to get licensed) until their course is paid for (even if all class work and hours are done)

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