1. Pay to enroll 
  2. Get online access after paying
    Study at your own pace 24/7 to finish before 07/01/20
  3. Attend classes when ready
    Pick when you want to attend all before Oct-Dec (see below)
  4. Finish all online work by 7/1/20
  5. Finish attendance by deadline to complete the course. This includes two tests at the school.
    Average time to finish is about 3-6 months
  6. Complete course to be released to take the state exams to become licensed

Take advantage of the less attendance now!
Enrolling after April will require double the amount of days to attend


Nail Course Levels

Pick your level to



Students that have been doing nails and have good acrylic skills.
Learn State requirements

Cost $2,650 
Pay in Full $2,000 March Special

100hrs online and 3-5 days to attend (enroll after april=6-10 days)

Finish online work by 07/01/20

Attend 3-5 days by 10/01/20 plus a few video chats sessions

If a walk-in customer could walk away with a quality set of acrylics from you today, then this level is designed for you. If you don't plan to sell acrylics, this level is for you too.

Students with no or very little nail care skills and not very good at acrylics

Learn to do nails as a Pro


Cost $3,950 

Pay In Full $3,000 March Special

100hrs online and 5-7 days to attend (enroll after april=10-15 days)

Finish online work by 07/01/20

Attend 5-7 days by 11/01/20 with a some video chat sessions

If you had to do an acrylic set today and feel that they may walk away unsatisfied then this level is designed for you.  


Students that want to learn everything about nails

Learn all about nails and the nail business


Cost $5,000
Pay In Full $4,000 March Special

100hrs online and 8-10 days to attend (enroll after april=15-20 days)

Finish online work by 07/01/20

Attend 8-10 days by 12/01/20 with several video chat sessions

This level is for anyone especially those that want to open a business

There is no Federal Aid in Virginia to pay for Nail Education. Those qualified for financial assistance: contact your Soc. Service case worker or diability case worker for assistance to attend this VA State Licensed Nail Technology School. 


All students that paid in full for their course in March will get a refund credited to their account for the paid cost difference (advertised above) in their account by 03/25/2020. 

Work online now and pick days to attend later
Days depend on the level you pick and your speed to do the services at the school!

10-15hrs online work due BEFORE each date
5-10+hrs hands on work done AFTER each date

To sell any nail care services in Virginia, you must have a Nail License POSTED at all times. This license can avoid lawsuits by clients for selling unlicensed nail care or state violations as a Class 1 Misdemeanor. 

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