Enroll Today!

  1. Pay to enroll anytime
  2. Finish 100hrs online
  3. Attend 10-15 days 

Each 3hr lab class in 2020 are scheduled with one student per booking to control sanitation. 

Start in July 2020

Summer Nail Course

  • start today
  • optional kit extra
  • 100hrs online in 6 mo
  • Attend 10-15 days in 6 mo

Students can enroll anytime 24/7. After payment students are immediately redirected to create an online study account. Online study is self paced open 24/7 and classes are booked by appointment on varied Sat, Sun, Mon or Wed to pick times between 10am-9pm.

Contact the Instructor before paying if you have proof of previous hair school hours or pro level retail acrylic skills to enroll in a different level. Multi enrollments together can get a discount. 


July is the last month to get the lower cost course to take the 2020 exams to get licensed.

There is no Federal Aid in Virginia to pay for Nail Education.
There is financial aid for hair (cosmetology) barber, massage or esthetics school.


Start in Aug-Oct 2020

Fall Nail Course

  • New updated course
  • Cost $3,450-3,950
  • optional $500 kit
  • 125hrs online in 6 mo
  • Attend 15 days in 6 mo

Students can enroll any day in the months of Aug, Sept or Oct. This course is designed to prepare students for the new updated harder 2021 state exams. Those with previous beauty school hours or pro level acrylic skills can get a discount up to $500 depending on proof of skill and previous apprentice or massage/beauty school training. 

Start in Nov-Dec 2020

Winter Nail Course

  • 125hrs online in 6 months
  • Attend 15 days in 6 months

Students can enroll any day in the months of Nov or Dec

To sell any nail care services in Virginia, you must have a Nail License POSTED at all times. This license can avoid lawsuits by clients for selling unlicensed nail care or state violations as a Class 1 Misdemeanor. 

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