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Viginia Nail School was founded on the idea of improving the nail industry by educating Nail Technicians with an understanding of their scope of practice and the ability to provide safe and sanitary nail care service. We very strongly believe that students that are meant to be here will end up here.  Since we do not focus on profits and the teacher volunteers her time to teach: students are NEVER pushed to attend this school and any question will be answered openly for enrollment here or anywhere else.

BUT for those asking for help with exam passing: ONLY our paying students get help for training that other students paid their school for. For those that didn't attend here and are struggling to pass the state exam, Mrs. Vivian does offer an exam review class at NailWisdom.com



PRO: We limit our enrollment per year to stay small. Since we are a small school we can personalize our course to each student's own learning style and offer a flexible time to attend their classes. We teach each student individually to their own skills and learning style to ensure they have the ability to provide safe nail service skills.


CON: Our students have a long distance driving to attend classes. Almost all of our students drive at least an hour to attend. This is a quiet rural friendly place in Palmyra Virginia. We do not teach advance nail skills for those new to the nail industry but we recommend our graduates to look for more training after they finish our course to grow with their skills and build their confidence to offer nail care services. 


The Instructor, Mrs. Vivian, has the ability to answer any nail care question from almost 30 years of providing nail care in low end to high end settings (including owning a spa and salons with ownership experience). She offers her time Mon-Sun between 10am-9pm to give students the flexibility to attend the hours that they can attend around their busy schedules. She does not get paid to teach here, she earns her income by providing nail care to her regular clients and other jobs. Mrs. Vivian dedicates her time to teach each student as an individual to ensure that they have the skills to become a licensed professional. Students can continue to contact her after graduation for help and questions as they grow in their career.


Students can start a course here anytime 24/7 (with a down payment or payment in full) by starting online to attend classes later by appointment. Most students attend their first class within 1-2 months of paying to enroll. Each class is a private one on one class session booked by the student (unless it is booked with another student they know or enrolled with).  We are a great option for students with learning or social anxiety issues. Classes are flexible to each student's own time to finish within a deadline limit of six months. Students that are organized and plan well usually finish the course within 3-4 months by dedicating 40-50 hours per month of study time. Students that practice doing services (without charging a fee) during their home study will have the most questions for more training at school. Advance students that enroll with a lot of nail care experience will get more focus on understanding safety (to avoid providing negative nail care services that could lead to lawsuits). 




 "It is my #1 goal to guide every student that enrolls towards getting licensed and not just getting a certificate. My students are like my children that I care about pushing to the finish line. I have the ability to adjust my instruction to each student's own learning style to guide them towards their "own" success in the industry. I don't teach to feed an ego. I teach to make my students better than me for the future of the nail industry. I will always give them back the same percentage of effort they give to the course or more. I teach to give back what I was given in this industry. I never planned or dreamed to be a Nail Tech but I am so thankful that I ended up with this trade. Being a Nail Tech has made incredible things happen for me and my entire family. The people I met in this career gave me great opportunities and lessons in life that the people in my personal life was not giving me. I had the flexiblity to work when I want, make what I want and most importantly have time to put my focus on the things that were important to me in my life. I was able to guide my own children to the amazing success they have acheived in life while providing for my family. I want to pass this trade on to others to change their life as it did for me. I know many people are doing nails without a license so I am trying my best to personalize my education to their life/learning style to help them get the license that can make the career difference to get to the next level". This industry can give you back what you give to it as long as you always get back up from each challenge to become a master at your trade. Mrs. Vivian

Future School Closing Info

Towards the end of 2023, students will all have to apply to enroll. We will be accepting students that can prove to us that they can finish responsibly without issues and the ability to attend class within the 10-15 days she will offer each month after May 2024 (instead of the current 7 day week). Enrollment will be limited to about 10 students per year in 2024 to close the school by the end of 2025.


Mrs. Vivian has been teaching for decades and later in 2024 she would like to decrease her teaching days in the week to focus on other things in the nail industry and close the school for 2026.
Mrs. Vivian is also working on or is already doing the following:

  • nail services to her regular clients (most with NDAs)
  • finishing up the curriculum for an online nail instructor course to push already licensed techs to teach (she will contact her graduates that showed responsbile teaching potential during their enrollment when it is done)
  • investigation assistant to help lawyers with nail lawsuits against salons and nail techs
  • building her dog boarding facility (at her home) to open in 2026
  • putting out social media information to give "Nail Wisdom" and help those performing nail services understand safety (to hopefully decrease the amount of crying salon owners/techs that she sees leaving court rooms). She wants to help those that are frustrated with nails to not give up and guide them to acheive their dreams and have the knowledge to problem solve like a pro. She will be sharing the secrets that pros hold back to avoid competition! Mrs. Viv says: "We all can have a piece of the pie, there is enough to go around when we bring our own unique special talents to the table".
  • one day nail classes for advance techniques
  • competition judging for nail events
  • support to nail product manufacturers R&D
  • nail curriculum development for state and city schools
  • consultation visits to salon/spa business owners for design and layout improvements plus increase nail service profitability advice with help in understanding nail service equipment/options
  • organizing and improving her online course for nail schools to use in their business to increase their state theory exam pass rates
  • she still makes money on nail services to her regular clients (most with NDAs)
  • online nail instructor course for licensed techs (and graduates showing responsbile teaching potential during their enrollment)
  • she has a chemistry college education and spent three years creating a acrylic formulation. A private label purchased her special acrylic formula in early 2022.
  • finishing her Nail Q & A book to be published in 2025 (she has performed over 100,000 nail care services with over 30 years of note taking and business ownership experience in the low and high end nail service industry)


Most of our students already have nail skills and are trained to do them safetly to get their license. For those with no nail experience and no nail skill, we recommend doing as many people as possible (without charging a fee until you are licensed) during your study to have lots of questions at class and learn the most. It is best to work at a walk-in type nail salon setting near gradutation to build confidence with your new license at a higher paying professional career setting. A temporary permit can be issued to earn an income toward the end of your course if you find a salon that will hire you with a licensed Nail Tech or Cosmetologist that is willing to sponsor/sign for you. For those with no nail service experience (and a serious need for confidence in providing services after graduation) we recommend going to another nail school located in an area with a high population that can offer more walk-in service training during their enrollment (like Richmond, NOVA or Va Beach).

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