How to get Licensed with our Course

  • Make a down payment or payment in full to enroll anytime 24/7
  • After payment you will get a link/email to create an online study account within 24 hours
  • Textbook is included in the course cost and usually arrives within a week or two. Online study can be started within 24 hours of paying. 
  • Complete about 130 hour online book study, required home service practice and about 5 days of attendance within six months.
    • attend Day 1 after finishing 65 hours of online study
    • after Day 1 complete 30-40 hours of online study (+service practice) at home
    • prepare to test at the school on Day 2 
    • after Day 2 complete 30-40 hours of online study (+service practice) at home
    • prepare to test at the school on Day 3
    • after Day 3 complete 20-30 horus of study and service practice to take exams
    • attend more days as required based on learning skill/test scores while taking state exams
  • Kit Purchase is optional CLICK HERE or get/have supply items yourself after 30-60 hrs of online study is done to do required service practice between/before each class date
  • Must be age 16 and up with a valid State Photo ID (more info) with a 10th grade English reading level and 5th grade math level. A High School diploma or GED is not required to attend.
  • Contact us BEFORE paying to enroll if you have criminal charges of a misdemeanor or felony to understand the licensing process requirements. Consideration to get licensed is not done until after you pass the state exams.
  • at the six month mark (of paying in full or making a down payment) two tests should be passed at the school and at least 2-3 days (based on acrylic skills) should be attended or the student has instantly failed the course with no refunds or ability to take the state exams to get licensed
  • The supplies to practice at home, the state exam fee of $172 and the state license fee of $105 (plus about $100 of supplies to take the state exam) is not included in the course cost.


  • students book their class days & hours on any available Mon-Sun 10-9 
  • total days to attend is about 5 total days in person by appointment* (within 6 months) 
  • maximum attendance per month is 2 days (to offer the kind of course we do and have room to book)
  • those on payment plans can only book 1 day with the down payment and each additional day will require another monthly payment paid. Students on payment plans can't take exams until the course is paid for (even if done). 

  • students can book their class online, by text, in class or by email. A reminder is sent two days before to cancel or reshedule a class online. Less than 24 hour cancellations will cost $50 to rebook. Exception to weather issues.

  • The 3hr private one on one classes are availble to book on Mon-Fri between 10am-9pm and weekends at 10:30am, 2pm or 5pm. Most desired openings are open when booked 1-2 weeks ahead.



  • used to prepare you for tests at the school (after testing regular online study is no longer needed/used in case they learn fast)
  • open to study 24/7 with a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone with internet access
  • all online study is self paced to study at least 30 hours per month


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