How to get Licensed with our Course

The course here are not videos so if you struggle to read this then you may struggle to take our course and to sit for the state exams to get a license to sell nail services in Virginia. Most students finishing our course will not be able to enjoy a nail service in most nail salons ever again.

  • Make a down payment or payment in full to enroll anytime 24/7
  • After payment you will get a link or email to create an online study account within 24 hours
  • Textbook is included in the course cost and usually arrives within a week. Online study can be started within 24 hours of paying in full or making a down payment. 
  • Complete about 130 hour online book study, required home service practice and about 5 days of attendance within six months. More days might be required for those that are beginners/struggling. 
    • attend Day 1 after finishing about 65 hours of online study
    • after Day 1 complete 30-40 hrs of online study (+service practice) at home
    • after Day 2 complete 30-40 hrs of online study (+service practice) at home
    • after Day 3 complete 20-30 hrs of study and service practice to take exams
    • attend more days as required based on learning skill/test scores to prepare to take state exams
  • Kit Purchase is optional CLICK HERE or get/have supply items yourself after 30-60 hrs of online study is done to do required service practice between/before each class date
  • Must be age 16 and up with a valid State Photo ID (more info) with a 10th grade English reading level and 5th grade math level. A High School diploma or GED is not required to attend.
  • Contact us BEFORE paying to enroll if you have criminal charges of a misdemeanor or felony to understand the licensing process requirements. Consideration to get licensed is not done until after you pass the state exams.
  • at the six month mark (of paying in full or making a down payment) two tests should be passed at the school and acrylic training should be completed or the student has instantly failed the course with no refunds or ability to take the state exams to get licensed
  • The supplies to practice at home, the state exam fee of $172 and the state license fee of $105 (plus about $100 of supplies to take the state exam) are not included in the course cost.


  • students book their class on any available Mon-Sun 10-9 (no Sat in Sept-Nov)
  • maximum attendance per month is 2 days (to offer the kind of course we do and have room to book) no back to back class days
  • those on payment plans can only book 1 day with the down payment and each additional day will require another monthly payment paid. Students on payment plans can't take exams until the course is paid for (even if done). 

  • students can book their class online, by text, in class or by email. A reminder is sent two days before to cancel or reshedule a class online. Less than 24 hour cancellations will cost $50 to rebook. Exception to weather issues.



  • used to prepare you for tests at the school (after testing regular online study is no longer needed/used in case they learn fast)
  • open to study 24/7 with a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone with internet access
  • all online study is self paced to study at least 30 hours per month


We do offer a in school course that takes 10-15 days mainly for ESL students. Ask if you are interested. It does cost about $1,000 more and is tougher with lots of homework!!


After finishing the course (and getting your license) attend professional training classes and trade shows to advance your skills especially in Acryilcs, Gels, Dip, Drills and Art. Pro classes/trade shows require a state nail license.


Enrolling after Sept 2022 will cost about $500 more to take the newly updated course with more attendance. 


Students living outside Virginia


Students can be multi-state licensed especially if they live near state borders and want to work on both sides.


Students licensed in Virginia can only sell nail services in Virginia but they can transfer their license into other states based on their regulations to sell nail care in other states.


We have had students from all over the US attending our course to become multi licensed. 


Yes students that live outside of VA do have to drive if they want to attend this location, otherwise call beauty schools in your area to attend their school.


Additional hours working in Virginia (after licensed) may be required for some states approved a transfer. Check your cosmetogy board to see their requirements to transfer through reciprocity or endorsement. Call to confirm requirements to transfer to your state BEFORE ENROLLING HERE in case there are updates in testing/work requirements or increased fees for your state. Cosmetologists are licensed to sell nail services. 


MARYLAND: proof of nail work for 6 months (or 100 hours of paystubs) on the VA side after getting licensed in VA to transfer to MD with a fee and certificate of licensure from VA 410-230-6320


NORTH CAROLINA-EASY: online form and pay the $35 fee to instantly transfer your VA license into NC 919-733-6123


WEST VA-EASY: reciprocity form and $100 fee to instantly transfer your VA license into WV 855-965-2800


Wasington DC-EASY: reciprocity form and $99 fee to instantly transfer your VA license with VA certificate of licensure. There will be 6 CEU required at renewal every 2 years.  202-442-4400 


OTHER STATES: contact your state cosmetology board to see if you need additional hours or 1-2 years working in Virginia after being licensed in Virginia offering only 150 hours of study. Some states will require taking their exams or additional exams on HIV/Human trafficking. Some states will require a health certificate. Almost all states will require fees to transfer through reciprocity ranging to about $25-$100. Some states can offer financial aid for nail school like in Tennesee but not MD, ND, SC or VA. 

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