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Financial Aid is not offered for Nail education in Virginia. Attending nail school in Virginia to get licensed will require having the cost upfront or obtaining a personal loan or a career developmental loan. Those with military aid should contact the beauty schools in the Norfolk area. 


Please take the time to understand your terms with any loan. Be cautious of any Lender charging more than 20% interest. Understand that interest rates of 20% or more requires serious responsibility to pay back and could cause financial hardships later. Always read the fine print to uncheck boxes that agree you to be contacted by multiple lenders in the application process to avoid annoying spam phone calls or emails.


A loan obtained for nail education is a personal career developmental loan. Nail education tuition costs here are not tax deductable. Contact your tax representative to talk about gas milage to attend, supplies, exam fees, license fees, start up costs, etc.


If you find a comment about getting financial aid for nail training then it is only referring to Cosmetology school (hair school). 


Cosmetology schools can offer financial aid because they are longer programs that can cost $18-30,000 per student for a 12-18 month long hair course. Nail schools are not approved for federal aid in the State of Virginia, even if they are licensed or accredited. Most hair schools are not interested in offering (cheaper than hair) nail courses so they push hair courses instead.  Beauty schools make most of their income on hair education and do not want the extra expense to pay a Nail Instructor to teach a separate nail course with inconsistent and unreliable enrollment. It takes 4-8 Nail students to make what one hair student pays. This is one of the main reasons of why there are not that many nail only schools from the low profitablity. This area also has a low military population to make enough from military aid so look into schools in the Norfolk area if you are using military aid. 


To avoid being scammed by Nail Education, MAKE SURE: 

  • Students are coming here telling stories of being financially scammed from fake schools that don't allow you or fully prepare you to take the state exams to get licensed. Make sure the school is Virginia licensed or you don't get any hours approved by the state. 
  • Virginia does NOT accept any course that is done 100% online, so if you see a course all online it means that it won't allow you to take the state exams in Virginia to get your nail license. Read the fine print about the state of Virginia.
  • Look for a License issued by the State of Virginia posted near the entrance at any school. They can be reported to DPOR if you don't SEE the license. Posting is a regulation and your right! You must also see a nail or salon license and a Instructor license. That means a minimum of 3 licenses must be posted by the door, office or register. Also check for expiration dates to not lose your paid costs!
  • Training provided by a licensed or unlicensed nail tech does not give you any credit hours applied towards obtaining a Nail Certification to obtain a state license. Certified hours must be done inside a state licensed beauty school and salon with a state licensed instructor teaching you the skill.  These three Licenses are required to be posted near a reception or entry area. 
  • State Licensed School locations should be taught in an approved commercial building. Be cautious of being or going into someone's home. Their training area and classroom must be two separate rooms and it must have a public restroom for students to use. Check for city or county business licenses to make sure they are approved to conduct business there. 
  • Check to see who the Instructor is on the license posted by the entrance or office. The Instructor must be present at ALL times when you are training and can never leave while you are there or they can be reported for violation. Only licensed Instructors can train you but helpers are allowed if the Instructor is there on site.
  • If you see a Nail School license posted near the entrance (from Va DPOR) then their course has been reviewed and approved by the state for the licensing process approval to register graduates to take the state exams for licensure.
  • APPRENTICESHIP: If you are on a apprenticeship apprenticeship inside a salon for training make sure the state representative personally visited the salon to issue you an apprentice card to post that you are permitted to sell nail services. They must check your governemnt ID's to get this card and they will link you to a licensed sponsor in the salon to watch over you at all times (to earn your hours) and you must be paid minimum wage per hour that you are there. You are not paying the salon or sponsor any money unless it is for supplies that you can keep or books. Apprentices must also attend a vocational school for book training. The ratio of apprentice in a salon is 1 licensed to 1 training for no less than 2,000 hours and a commitment of no less than one year. We have had many people "think" they are in a apprenticeship only to realize they were being scammed and some even paid when they were not suppose to. YOU HAVE RIGHTS and fake apprentice salons need to be reported to avoid scamming more people that they really don't want to become their competition anyways.  


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