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This school was founded over a decade ago on the desire to make the nail industry better by educating Professional quality Licensed Nail Technicians with the ability to perform safe and sanitary services. The course is taught by a State Licensed Nail Technician Instructor with over 27 years of working experience in the the nail industry. This school is like no other in the state with the ability to answer any question you have about the nail industry.


Many of our students have gone on to open businesses at home or in commercial settings. Some of our students have also become product educators, sales reps, managers and employees at high paying resorts/spas. Graduates can continue to get their nail questions answered by the Instructor as their career changes and grows. 


This school offers the unique ability to attend with responsible flexibility. This school is State Licensed and Approved by the Virginia State Regulatory board to offer a Nail Course for those looking to get a Nail License (required to sell any nail service in Virginia). At this school NOTHING is held back for fear of competition! Students get an informative education to be prepared to beat their competitors. The best learning experience will go to students that have a positive attitude with a dedicated motiviation to get licensed for their own dream goals. 


Sadly, we get students that come here after being unprepared from hair schools using hair/cosmetology Instructors with very little nail service experience (especially artificial nails). Students also come here after being scammed by salons saying they are offering apprenticing/training with the realization that the owner was not registered to do apprenticeshop and/or not interested in making any competition in the first place. We get a lot of students that took a course online and found out that the certificate paper they got was worth nothing towards licensure. This school's goal is to help those wanting a nail license. Continued practice and advance training (after graduation) will help graduates here become amazing nail techs. 


This course is about teaching the information needed to pass the state exams to get licensed. It is not about making you become the most amazing nail tech. That will take time of repeated practice using what you learned in school. A nail career with a license can be very rewarding and I have seen it change people's lives. Unlicensed nail techs usually hide, provide service in fear of being sued or don't have the doors open for them to reach the next level of success with their growing skills. 


To get the best education here: 

  • Attend classes in a organized manner
  • Use a calendar to make a deadline plan for goal work done each week to finish the course
  • Study 5-10 hours a week online including studying for in school final testing to pass state exams
  • Practice hands on skill 5-10 hours or more before and after each class
  • Come with an open mind realizing that no matter what you know there is always something new to learn
  • Realize that this course is designed to help you get your nail license not get likes on social media
  • Always communitcate with the instructor when you need help planning organizing study/attendance


After finishing the attendance/online study here: 

  • Save $172 for the state exam fee and $95 for the state license fee
  • Make sure you have the supplies needed to take the practical exam
  • Regularly practice online/book study to prepare for the written exam
  • Give yourself 2 weeks to prepare supplies and study for the state practical exam
  • Get the courage to work in a actual salon doing manicures and pedicures to build confidence
  • Understand that those new to acrylics when starting may need to practice for a year to do acrylic nails well


Whatever level you are with nail care and whatever learning experience you learn best in, it can be accommodated here to focus on giving you the information you need to have the tools you need to get licensed. Paid graduates from Virginia Nail School can always get assistance with their nail service questions long after completion of the course. 




     This career choice was not my original choice while in college but it has become the best career choice! This trade skill has given me wonderful opportunties for the past 27 years. It has helped me attend all my children's school and sport events. It has offered me the flexiblity to earn a great income in so many different ways as my life changed. I have met people that I normally would not of conversed with to learn so much about the world that I was never taught by my family and friends. That information has helped me grow as a person, a wife and as a parent to have a blessed family. I would not have the life today if I did not have the nail trade skill. I am so thankful that it came into my life and I want to pass it on. 

    When it comes to nails, I can answer any question and spot issues to teach for skill growth. I have experience with using practically every professional nail brand, gained decades of knowledge using various products to understand how to make money as "nail" tech in multiple types of nail career settings. I understand how to teach auditory and visual students including offering an increased speed for fast learners that hate lagging. I have a very organized curriculum that has licensed so many students today.

    My goal is to get every one of my student licensed but it starts with them putting in what they want back! I will be there for them even after completion to help them find ideal career paths as their skills grow. Please allow me to pass on my skills to help you acheive your dreams before I retire from the industry! I am hoping to put ot more well informed Licensed Nail Techs that can improve the respect for the nail industry. My greatest joy comes from using my decades of nail industry knowledge to guide a Nail Tech to use their strongest traits to create their own happiness and success with this trade as a LICENSED nail tech. 


   I had a plan to retire in the summer of 2020 but saw an increase in the demand for Nail Licensing during COVID-19. Many salons have closed to open doors for newly designed safer nail salons and customers are in serious demand for Nail Techs that can offer a safe and clean experience by being licensed. I am pausing my retirement momentarily to teach into 2021 but after 2021 the school will close so that I can retire before the summer of 2022 (when my youngest child graduates with plans to move out of the state). Get your training now before it's gone. Perhaps one day you can pass it on too.




To speak with the Director/Instructor about any questions that you may have or make an appointment (at the school or by video) to meet, email or text is the best way of contact when she is away from the desk. She checks her email throughout the day but most of the time she responds later after work. The email is sales@vanailschool.com

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