Walk ins are not taken at this time to control sanitization. Masks are required inside at all times. Masks and hand sanitizers are available by the door. Email, text or call to book a visit.



All payments made with cash get a instant 5% discount. Apply to pay in full, down payments, monthly payments and kit purchases. Do not mail cash! Call for appointments to pay outside of class time or as a new enrollment. This can be combined with any other discount.  PAYING AT THE SCHOOL requires an appointment. Text, call or email.


Cash payment offers full payment value. Example: a $1,500 downpayment paid in cash is $1,425. A $400 monthly payment paid in cash is $380. Partial cash works too: a $400 payment using $200 cash will leave a card balance of $190. Ask about a potential payment total whenever you want a total.



Paid in full payments with a cashier's check, personal check or business check will get a 2.5% discount. Checks are no longer accepted for monthly payments or pay off balances because of prior clearance issues for course release. Checks can be mailed or put inside the gold drop box by the front door. Payable to: VIRGINIA NAIL SCHOOL.

PAYMENT PLAN STUDENTS: Beauty, Apprentice, Pro Level and Distance discounts are divided by 5 and deducted from each monthly payment amount. 


Students enrolling here with varied hours completed in massage, esthetics, cosmetology, barbering or nails can get a $250 discount and/or attend less based on completion hours. Apprentices must show their registration form or temporary permit. *Not valid with Pro Advance Level Skills.



Sometimes we have students starting with great nail skills already. Those with professional level nail skills can get a $250 discount from their speed in completing assignments. This discount does not apply to those that have "experimented" with nails on themselves and family/friends. Students that qualify usually did 20+ sets/fills a month on strangers for a year or more.  Verified in social media history photos, at the school/video chat and questions to get approval before paying. If skill not shown in class, the discount is due to graduate.*Not valid with Beauty School Discount 


2020 Distance Discount*

Students from any state are welcome here. More than 90% of students drive an hour to attend including students from MD, NC and WV. Nail Techs with a VA Nail License can transfer their license into another state to be dual+ state licensed. Ask about the details of what your state requires to transfer before paying.

Go to a google browser and get the lowest listed miles from the zip code on the student's State ID to 22963.

30-49 miles $100 off

50-80 miles $250 off
81-110 miles $300 off
111-150 miles $350 off
151-180 miles $400 off
181 or more $450 off

MD, WV or NC get $500 off

Student's State ID must show that zip code on the first day of class or the discounted amount must be paid to graduate. Student ID address is the same ID used to take the state exams and what the nail license will say on it. 

Payment Plan Balance Early Pay off*

Students in a payment plan can get a 10% discount applied to an early balance pay off within 4 months of the down payment date. 

Take the balance owed and multiply by 0.10 to get the discount that will be applied to the pay off balance. Valid with 5% cash discount but not check.

*Not to be combined with a kit purchase.

Double Enrollment 10% off*

Enroll with another person to get 10% off tuition costs. Students must both be paying in full within 24 hours of the first payment. Cash payments (with 5% off) can make an appt at the school to pay. Card can be paid onilne, phone or at the school. PIF Check payments (with 2.5% off) can be mailed, paid at the school or use the drop box by the door 24/7. Groups in 3-6 paying together will get additional discounts.
*Group discount is not valid with payment plans or towards any kit costs. 


There is no financial aid for nail training in Virginia like pell grants. Hair school offers aid. This is a state licensed and approved school. Speak to a Disability or Social Service case worker to check for available funds.


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