Why do I need a license?

Ok so you found a love for nails and a career in nails can provide a flexible job that makes what you want to mak...when you want to make it. Get your schooling out of the way now to be ready for the next level of opportunity to grow.



Potential lawsuits by clients

Class 1 Misdemeanor if caught

Stuck in a lower level job

Can't open a professional salon

If caught, can't get licensed later

Fines to pay if caught

Has not been taught safety

Potential harm to self/client from chemicals




Higher Pay

Insurance coverage as licensed

Self employment career

High paying Resort jobs

Advance class/trade show eligible

Employment by Nail Companies

Future teaching jobs

Can move on to a better job position

Recession proof Medical jobs

Beat the competition as a professional

Access to jobs with benefits

Growth in life skills meeting professionals

A way to earn extra cash on the side of another career


Unlicensed Techs selling services at home (without a nail license) risk a serious financial loss in lawsuits from a client. Unlicensed Nail Technicians are also uninsurable. Not having a license can prevent them from opening a salon and the ability to work at high paying salons/resorts. Anyone selling nail services with no license can be violated with a class 1 misdemeanor, fined by the state and sued by customers for damages.


Unlicensed Nail Techs can have a client list that can grow but they can have a lack of understanding of requirements to open a salon from self taught habits. Many Techs struggle to find time for schooling later when their client list has grown. This can prevent them with the inability to open a salon with other's helping to pay the overhead to finally give them a break from back to back clients. 

This course will train students with the requirements to provide safe and sanitary services to the public. This training can also give them an understanding of the chemicals they use to protect themselves and their clients from harmful exposure. Professional training to understand the products used in the salon can also give a Tech the ability to provide more durable human nail services verses a dummy hand that doesn't use it's hand to do things. 


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