Why do I need a license?

Why do you need a driver's license?

Why should doctor's have a license?

Why should cooks have a servsafe?



The chemicals used for nails come in pretty bottles but they are extremely dangerous when used by an untrained tech (not just to the client but to the tech)!


Anyone selling polishing, manicure, pedicure or acrylic/gel artificial nail services (in Virginia) without a state issued Virginia Nail Technician license posted (for customers to view at all times) can be violated with a class 1 misdemeanor including fines by the state, prevention of licensure in the future and lawsuits by customers for damages.


Those in other states will need a license to sell in their state. We have students coming here from out of state working on VA borders with the ability to transfer into their state by a state license fee and/or proof of working with W2s in VA.

Ok so you found a love for nails and a career in nails can provide a flexible job that makes what you want to make...when you want to make it. Get your schooling out of the way now to be ready for the next level of opportunity to grow in this career.


 A License means that you have been tested by a State approved Testing company for the ability to understand the chemicals used in nail care services and the ability to provide a safe service to the public while keeping yourself safe.


Fear for being caught, violated or sued

Potential lawsuits by clients

Class 1 Misdemeanor if caught

Stuck in a lower level job

Can't open a professional salon

If caught, can't get licensed later

Fines to pay if caught

Has not been taught safety

Potential harm to self/client from chemicals

can not grow in career options when advanced

serious 5-7 figure lawsuits from damages

can not be insured (if unlicensed they dont pay out!)




Higher Pay

Insurance coverage as licensed

Self employment career

High paying Resort jobs

Advance class/trade show eligible

Employment by Nail Companies

Future teaching jobs

Can move on to a better job position

Recession proof Medical job

Beat the competition as a professional

Access to jobs with benefits

Growth in life skills meeting professionals

earn taxable income on the side of another career



  • nails done by a untrained tech could cause long term damage to nails
  • disinfectant solution should never EVER touch human skin...EVER!!
  • acrylic liquid should NEVER be applied to the skin especially at the folds around the nails especially when making wet beads of acrylic or brushing the skin (#2 cause for lawsuits that the instructor sees)
  • tacky layers from gels left on skin can create permanent serious allergic reactions to other daily used things outside the salon and future nail services
  • Hepatitis, MRSA, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, TB, warts and fungal infections can be spread during nail services when a person is not trained for safe service procedures  (#3 cause for lawsuits that the instructor sees)
  • would you use a stranger's "sanitized" toothbrush? You can't sanitize nail brushes or dust brushes
  • incorrectly used gel lights could expose skin and eyes to dangerous UVA ultraviolet radiation
  • improper skin cutting or ingrown toenail work can cause infections that can lead to amputations  (#1 cause for lawsuits that the instructor sees)
  • incorrectly used primers and cuticle removers cause long term permanent damage to the nail and the area where the nail grows (#2 cause for lawsuits that the instructor sees)
  • not understanding LED/UV products can cause improper cure that can cause serious health issues
  • cuticle cutting/skin filing actually makes your skin worse but hey...it's great for business to make you come back to become a regular client! (#1 cause for lawsuits that the instructor sees)
  • there is more....go to school to learn how to protect yourself and your client. There are many clients willing to pay MORE for Techs that have licenses that provide safer services from their training

NOTE FROM INSTRUCTOR: In the past I usually dealt with 3-5 lawsuit cases a year against nail service providers and salons. In 2022, I have experienced 12 cases from Jan to April. I never see these cases on social media or the news and the sadness I see when they leave the courtroom crying knowing they are about to loose so much creates my drive to teach.



Unlicensed Nail Techs struggle to find time for schooling later when their client list has grown. 

Unlicensed Techs selling services at home (without a nail license) risk a serious financial loss in lawsuits from clients. Unlicensed Nail Technicians are also uninsurable (even with insurance there is no payout if you are not licensed). Not having a license can prevent them from opening a salon and the ability to work at high paying salons/resorts.


This course will train students with the requirements to provide safe and sanitary services to the public. This training can also give them an understanding of the chemicals they use to protect themselves and their clients from harmful exposure. Nail Services and Nail Chemicals should be used by trained professionals to ensure safety. Dummy hands don't get infections or get allergies that you can be sued for. 


Actual Lawsuits

There will be an added lawsuit for being unlicensed and insurances could avoid pay outs to unlicensed Nail Techs

  • Kimberly Jackson, TX (died after infection from pedi)
  • Linda Davis, PA (infected finger from cuticle cut)
  • Helen Cook, TX (mani led to infection then amputated finger)
  • Patricia Perpetuino, SC (burned hands from acetone) 
  • Sonia Algara, CA (lost toe after a pedicure)
  • Darryl Carr, IL (man lost leg and died from pedicure)
  • Trelaya Shorter, PA (infection from a set of nails)
  • Maria Gerardo, AZ (cut on finger led to infection)
  • Stella Falcone, AU (infection that led to amputation)
  • Rebecca Burgess, KS (infection that led to amputation)
  • Jose Jackson, UK (infection from mani that led to amputation)
  • Bethany, NC (cut during dip service led to infection)
  • Client, NC (refusal of service for HIV infection) you can be sued for discrimination of many diversities
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