A Nail License is great for anyone: full time, part time or seasonal.
Excellent side job for quick cash to students and parents.


This is a great time to train and be part of a dramatically changing nail industry! Clients are demanding professional Nail Techs that can provide a safe and clean service. Nail Techs can build a client base faster than ever before. Start your course now to get a license and change your life's opportunities. We have even had students that started here and their career led them to a amazing income opportunity that did not require them to do nails all day. 


The cost of this schooling could be earned in a month or less!


  • 9am-10am=Fill $40
  • 10am-11:30am=Set $50
  • 11:30am-1pm=Set $65
  • Lunch
  • 2pm-3pm=Pedi $35
  • 3pm-4pm=Fill $45
  • 4pm-5pm=Gel Mani $30

$265 plus $35 in tips=$300 per day income

Some Techs work longer, charge more and tips could be higher!


$300 per day x Tue-Sat = $1,500 per week income

$1,500 x 4 weeks (1 month) = $6,000 per month income

With your license, you could open a salon with staff that you are earning extra money on

Nail Technician Career Info

Who wants a Virginia Nail Technician License?

  • Anyone selling nail care in Virginia
  • High School Students wanting cash
  • College Students wanting a side trade
  • Mothers wanting flexible hours
  • Professionals wanting a career change
  • Anyone wanting to earn extra money
  • People that want to work from home
  • Artists wanting a creative outlet
  • Isolated people wanting to meet others
  • Families, friends or couples wanting to open a salon

The Nail trade is great for adult men/women, young adults and teens 16 and over.



Most parents don't realize that a side trade today can help their college student avoid a job that takes most of their study time away. A nail skill can get them the income they need in a shorter time with more flexibility. A Licensed career also offers incredible networking at professional settings that could even obtain job employment for the career that they are studying in college. Great success can also come to a high school student or college student with a side trade skill to learn job skills early. A nail trade is a fast skill that can make its cost back very quickly.


Parents with a Nail Techncian license can work flexible hours to be there for there children when they want to be. Parents can work at home or part time to make extra cash when they need it. An experienced Nail Tech could work only 4-5 days in a month to make over $1,000 in the comfort of their own home. 


What kind of jobs do Licensed Nail Techs have?

  • Self-Employed 
  • Work at home with whatever hours 
  • Work in salons, spas and resorts
  • Work online with videos or blogs
  • Mobile Techs in a RV or a homes
  • One day service for weddings or parties
  • social media posting income
  • local salons to meet people in the area
  • Retirement homes or communities
  • Podiatrists hire nail techs with benefits
  • TV sets, magazines and modeling events
  • Personal Nail Tech to the wealthy/famous

What can I benefit from personally with a nail license?

  • Confidence booster from clients wanting your services
  • Control when you work and how much you make
  • Students to make money while in school/college
  • Work part time while doing another job 
  • Creative outlet to make admired works of art
  • Meet all types of people for networking connections
  • Side job that offers extra income at home or elsewhere
  • Trade skill to make quick cash during financial hardships

Nail Tech Income Details

Typical nail services can cost around $20-100 per hour with the higher end salons and spas usually charging double to triple that average nail cost. The lower end nail salon usually average in income around minimum wage or less. The higher end salons and spas can offer an income of $20-50 an hour or more! The higher end resorts/spas are the recommended places to work for a consistent competitive salary but they will require a nail license to avoid violations, liability and fines. 


Nail Techs usually earn around 40-60% of the service cost plus an added 10-20% tip.  Some of the higher end businesses that only employ licensed Nail Techs may offer benefits and/or a guaranteed hourly salary with a lower added commission per service. Retail sales commission can add additional income from products sold to customers. Nail career statistics data does not distinquish the difference with high end or low end salary calculations. 


It's the license that can make Nail Techs the real money!


A Licensed Nail experience can become another career!

  • Earn income as a beauty sales rep
  • Retail store or spa/salon owner
  • Traveling Nail Brand Educator
  • Nail equipment designer
  • Mobile Nail Truck designer
  • Business consultant
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Advance nail training provider
  • Competition winner in nail shows
  • Create Nail Trade shows
  • Spa/Resort Manager
  • Networking to another job


The business world AROUND nails is growing to be able to find another career using a Licensed Nail Tech working experience


6.3/10 ranked job

#8 in Best Social Services Job

#10 in Best Jobs without a College Degree
#68 in top 100 Best Jobs





Statistics are not broken down into high/low end positions

There is a very big difference in licensed and non licensed careers for Nail Technicians. Most nail techs are unlicensed in the lower pay categories.  


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