CODVID-19 Precautions


At Virginia Nail School, the safety of students and clients is a top priority. Health safety standards and procedures are followed on a daily basis. The school is taking extra precautions to ensure students can learn inside a safe environment during this time of isolation and heightened concern about Coronavirus (COVID-19).


To assist with the Govenor's Executive Order the school is closed for labs until April 25. 

Students are required to study all online with lab classes resuming on April 25 and on unless Virginia's Executive Order is updated/changed.


You can finish the course faster later if you do most or all of the online work first!


Message from the Instructor, Vivian.

First I want to say how thankful that I am for the knowledge of proper sanitation with regularly used salon disinfectants. Hopefully, this community isolation process can help hospitals not become overwhelmed and help ALL their patients find comfort. The businesses and people that demonstrate compassion (during this frustrating economic time) should be commended. Think of those less fortunate than you and please be considerate, helpful and respectful to the handicap/elderly in public. The elederly are the main age group that can be very seriously affected by this virus so they could use your compassion.


Things may not get easier but storms like this can force change, reveal people's true nature, test strength and know the value of friends, family, marriage and/or children. This situtation is a life check to humanitarianism worldwide and exposure to good people to keep close in the future. If we all do our part to help each other without greed, then we will get through this. It may seem like a hopeless mess right now but this will end, hang in there! 


All my students should not hesitate to openly communicate with me to help with any issues that they are having to make adjustments as needed. 

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