The school's Instructor is retiring in 2022


We would never be able to find another instructor like Mrs. Vivian that can be multiple staff members in one person to keep this place running. We will not be accepting any more enrollments in Aug-Sept (depending on how many enroll in July) to ensure that the last student has enough time to finish.

Mrs. Vivian was going to retire in 2020 but offered one more year of training during COVID-19 closures from mulitple requests.  There will be no Saturday classes from Sept-early Nov but Sundays and weekdays are still open 10am-9pm year round minus the Nov/Dec holiday week. Class instruction can go out into January 2022 for students needing more time from July enrollment.  


If you honestly study 30-40 hours a month then you can get licensed! There is NO other school in the state that has an instructor with as much information as Mrs. Vivian has to offer during and after completion.  She is an expert at guiding her students to becoming licensed.  Almost 25% of our enrollment are students from other schools that closed or gave up on them. Each student is different and being small ensures that adjusted instruction can be provided for each one.


Mrs. Vivian is going into a consulting business for the nail industry now that her youngest child turned 18 this year. When she retires from teaching she will open her 100% online Nail Instructor's course for already licensed Nail Techs.  She has already donated her time to help several of her very diligent students become licensed Instructors. 



Message from the Instructor, Mrs. Vivian:


I have learned so much from doing nails 50-80 hours a week for almost 30 years. Nail Techs were highly respected and admired before the discount version took over in the late 90's-2000 in Virginia. I saw the nail industry change into a cheap and unrespectable service after 2000. It made me sad to see all my coworkers, schools and stores close in Richmond during that time. After working in so many types of nail salons and hair salons, I ended up going into the luxury Spa/Resort industry. I made incredible money and can share a side of the industry that most people don't experience. I can also share the business knowledge from being a salon and spa owner.  I want to be part of changing the nail industry into what it was before it became a quick (mostly unsanitary) production line.  My #1 goal is trying to bring respect back into the nail industry and I can already see it happening! 


I left my chemistry education career to become a nail technician and I don't regret it one bit (although I am using it to continue into the nail industry after teaching)This career has been the most amazing job to make my four children so incredibly successful in their lives.  I could make what I want to pay my bills plus be at ALL the events to support them. I personally know that a nail license can provide so many amazing opportunities for their future to change the lives of my students and the people around them. With my experience I can guide students into a job field that is so incredibly versitile. I want to guide my students towards opportunites based on their own personal life skills and talents to make dreams come true for them. 


I have enjoyed teaching my students and seeing them go out to do different things that impact their lives and others made it all worth itAs a small school, I can adjust each student's learning style.  The current one on one class instruction ensures that there is no wasted time in training like there was in the large groups before COVID-19. No student leaves without the ability to ask all their questions with privacy.


Teaching can be so rewarding but very exhausing with crazy long hours at a minimum wage salary that means less to me than helping students find a career path that can change their lives.  I donated almost all of my teaching salary during COVID-19 closures to help students in need finish. I still make my main income from doing nails on the side. I think of my students like my own children and I will be there after graduation to help with questions as they grow with their skills.  


Wishing you all the best, 
Mrs. Vivian


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