Late 2022 Online Instructor's Course


In 2022 this will only be a online instructor school. We will no longer offer a course to become licensed Nail Technicians after the last 2021 student finishes their six month course study. 


The instructor has already guided several of our very organized and diligent graduates to become licensed instructors in the past year. Mrs. Vivian is currently perfecting/finishing up a 100% online instructor course for already Licensed Nail Techs to get their instructors license. She will send an email out to our previous licensed graduates when she can get that done in 2022.

We hope that by putting more nail instructors out there it can make nail school enrollment more affordable in the future. This is a fully online/video chat instructor course without attendance required. A Virginia Nail Technician License will be required to take this course.



Our currently licensed graduates will only pay the online monthly access fee to take this upcoming instructor course. For all other licensed nail techs there will be a full cost to take that online instructors course.  In 2022-2023, this school will be focused ONLY on providing an online Instructor course to currently licensed Nail Techs in Virginia at


The upcoming instructor course is more than just the information to get licensed. The instructor will use her years of teaching to give more information than a typical instructor course without holding back anything in fear of competition. Her drive is to ensure that all the mistakes/lessons learned in running a school don't drain your fresh intrest to help your training last longer to create a long term growing respect/quality for the nail industry.


Here is a sample of what will be taught:

Operating a Licensed Nail School can be very expensive but profitable if managed correctly. These are the issues you may have in owning a nail school if you don't have a management that can make non-emotional firm decisions to make sure that the business needs come first to consistently earn enough to cover the overhead and salaries. Without that type of management, only go into teaching for the love of it to put in long unpaid hours for an emotional reward in success stories.


Most Nail Schools close within a few years of opening with left over unpaid loans. Our course will help you plan and prepare to try to avoid these costly mistakes. Here are some of the top issues Nail Schools have: 


 Without the reliabile income from fully paid financial aid (not offered in VA), a nail school can be very difficult to keep open long term without a hair or esthetics income to cover most of the overhead and salary.  If you have those longer hour programs to become Title IV funded you can have a profitable business with the right staff team.  High military area populations can also increase reliable income. 

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