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Federal Financial Aid is not offered in Virginia for Nail Education
VA requires training inside a licensed school for licensing


The course starts anytime 24/7 to begin online study when ready and attend later by appt.
Cost includes registration, textbook, limited month online access, tuition and lab fees.

021 Spring Course Limited Enrollment
Enroll anytime Jan-Apr

  • 150 hrs online home study
  • attend 5-10 days by appt
  • optional kit available
  • finish in 4-6 months


Pay in full $2,750 with card $2,500 in Jan 2021
Cash $2,600 $2,375 in Jan


Payment plan: (no credit check)

First payment due by Mar 1, 2021

  • $1,000 down
    (with $400
    $350 x5 monthly)
  • $1,250 down
    (with $350 $300 x5 monthly)
  • $1,475 down
    (with $300 $250 x5 monthly)

  • $1,700 down
    (with $250 $200 x5 monthly)

  • $1,900 down

    (with $200 $150 x5 monthly)

  • $2,100 down
    (with $150 $100 x5 monthly)


Any Cash payment gets 5% off

Optional kit items not included

You can enroll right now with a down payment or payment in full!

Sign up to make a Down Payment 
Email will be sent to enroll within 24 hours

First payment is by Mar 1, 2021

Pay in Full

You will be redirected to start online

Pay in full with cash to get 5% off

Requirments to get licensed

Payment Plan Info

Online Study Info

Lab Class Info

No Start date...enroll today...right now!

  • after paying: get a direct link to online study
  • start online study within 30 days of payment
  • online study can be started and stopped 24/7
  • attend after minimum 50hrs of online study is done
  • finish 100 more hrs of online study before 6 months
  • attend about 5-8 days by appt while finishing online study
  • attend 1-2 days a month by appointment
  • students can study as fast/slow as they want!


  • classes are booked online, text, phone or email
  • class dates are on varied Mon-Sun by appt
  • start times are around 10am, 2pm and 5pm
  • kit items are needed within the first 30-60 days
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