State Licensed Education to those wanting a Nail License (that must be posted at all times) to sell any nail service in Virginia

For over a decade, more than half of our students drive 1-3 hours to attend. We offer a flexible education that adjusts to each student's own learning style/skill up to licensing. This is an official school for state hours to get licensed in VA.


PIF or make a down payment to START ONLINE STUDY within 24 hrs

  • We have no start date=enroll anytime 24/7
  • Start with online self paced book study (to finish within 6 months)
  • Book the first lab day in 1-2 months
  • Book online or text/email to pick any day Mon-Sun
  • pick your hours between 10-9 on weekdays
  • Sat & Sun pick 10:30, 2 or 5:30 start times (no sat in late Aug-early Nov)
  • Class sizes are limited to 1-4 students for focused attention


Intro Level 1 Day requires 50 hrs of Mani/Pedi training to go to:
Acrylic Level 2 Day for 50 hrs of Acrylic training to finish with:
Advance Level 3 Day for the final 50 hrs to finish while preparing for exams

Students can request a quick simplified or use the regular study for online book work

Virginia DOES NOT accept a 100% online study to get licensed

Virginia does not offer Financial Aid for nail education but they do for cosmetology

Kits are optional to buy here or get items yourself. Supplies are not specific. Students need sanitation, mani & pedi supplies in the beginning and Acrylic supplies later.  Kits are available 1-2 weeks after payment is made for pickup at the school. Kits are NOT mailed since we are not certified to mail the amount of flammable chemicals.


The $172 EXAM FEE and $90 LICENSE FEE is NOT included in our cost and due when finished with the course. 


  • age 16 or up
  • state/gov photo ID
  • gov ID or SS card
  • English speaking
  • HS English reading level
  • internet access 

Online Study

  • self paced work
  • study anytime 24/7
  • finish in 3-6 months
  • 30+hrs a month min
  • try sample online study

+Class Study

  • attendance required 
  • class size is 1-4 max
  • pick any day Mon-Sun
  • pick times between 10-9
  • located in Central VA


Enrollment here is open 24/7 with no start dates BUT our enrollment is paused now to launch our new course on Feb 16, 2023. This new course is longer, harder and more expensive. We have had requests for our current course enrollment for students that can plan their study time well. We will open it again during Feb 8-15 only. 


Those enrolling Feb 8-15 will pay $1,000 down with 5 monthly payments of $300 or $1,200 down with five monthly payments of $250. Monthly payments will be due Apr 1-Aug 1 or sooner as desired to those finishing assignments/hours earlier. Pay in full cost is $2,250 with card or $2,100 cash. RECOMMENDED to those that can dedicate 30-40 hours per month of study and home practice time for 4-5 months. Minimum attendance required 1-2 times a month.


Those enrolling AFTER Feb 15 will pay $1,000 down with 5 monthly payments of $400 or $1,400 down with five monthly payments of $300. Pay in full cost is $2,750 with card or $2,500 cash. RECOMMENDED to those that can NOT dedicate 30 hours per month of study and 8-12 days within six months.

Course Cost

Open to enroll anytime 24/7 with a down payment or payment in full. THIS COURSE COST STARTS FEB 16, 2023.

Paid in Full

$2,750 or $2,500 cash by appt

Pay in full to save $250. Unlike DP students, PIF students are released to take exams as soon as they finish hours and pass class/online assignments. 

Down Payment

$1,000 or $900 cash by appt

Make a $1,000 down payment to start the course. Students pay $350 on the first for five months. First payment is due 30-45 days from starting. Pay online or at the school. 

Optional Kit

$500 add $150 for gel items

Student kits are optional to buy here only if students can't get supplies within 30 days of starting a course. Kit is picked up it is not mailed. 

.After completion of our course: Students will pay about $200 to take the state exams, gather about $100 of state exam supplies. After passing both exams students will pay $90 to get their State License. (Renewed every two years by paying about $100).

no hablo español - Jǐn xiàn yīngyǔ - yeong-eoman chỉ tiếng Anh

Fill out my online form.

Text anytime 24/7

Anyone selling any type of nail service (without a DPOR license posted at all times) can be reported

Send a email with the name of the tech and their location to:

Selling nail care with no license

  • Class 1 misdemeanor and fines
  • Potential for lawsuits by clients!!!!!
  • Stuck in a low end job with no growth
  • Not chemical or service safety trained and can cause allergic reactions to themselves or clients
  • Could get or cause blood borne diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, HPV, Herpes, MRSA or TB from no training
  • Insurance won't pay out if unlicensed
  • potential for cease and desist if reported
  • Issue to make more money with less physical work later as a skilled knowledgeable artist
  • potential for audit and issues with taxes

Having a Nail Tech License

  • Expand to become a Salon Owner
  • High pay at Luxury Spas in Resorts
  • Insurance coverage protection
  • Eligible for Pro Trade shows/Classes
  • Employment with Pro Nail brands
  • Future teaching or training jobs
  • Grow with MNT Medical Job
  • Beat the competition as a Pro
  • Access to nail careers with benefits
  • approved taxable income for SE with deductions to help you pay less taxes

Having a license could offer the ability to work at a benefit paying job that pays you a take home salary that could be more than what you earn now because there is no supply cost. Experience working at different beauty businesses with your license can expose you to ideas, visions, connections and training that makes it possible to become a successful business owner of your own professional salon(s) or spa(s) in the future. Having a license gives you more career options later when you become a master at your trade.  Just get your license!

Human/Labor trafficking is VERY real and closer than you think.
If you see nail salons or massage parlors with staff that have the signs report it. This is happening all over the United States at an alarming rate. Click the picture above to see the statistics in your state. RECOGNIZE TRAFFICKING 

human-trafficking-sign-multi-lang (1).pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [291.7 KB]
National Human Trafficking Hotline National Human Trafficking Resource Center Get Help Report Human Trafficking Human Trafficking Information & Resources
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