Located in Central Virginia. We welcome students looking to get licensed statewide

  • Anyone selling nail services MUST have a posted Nail Technician license to avoid lawsuits & a class 1 misdemeanor 
  • training must be done INSIDE a State Licensed Nail School to earn the hours for a Nail license
  • Schools must have a DPOR Nail School license posted near the entrance to provide any licensed training
  • any school offering a 100% online education will NOT get you licensed training
  • Anyone selling nail training outside a Licensed Nail School (and without a state Instructor license) is ony selling training that allows you to do nails for fun without charging money for the service

GET YOUR LICENSE because as your skills grow you can move on to the next level! Most Techs don't want you to be their competition! Nail Techs with an established client base can make an incredible flexible income that many people don't know about.




Online Study

  • 130 hours online 
  • study anytime 24/7
  • finish within 6 mo
  • 30+hrs a month min

Class Study

  • attendance required 
  • private 1on1 classes
  • pick days Mon-Sun
  • attend about 5 days 

More than 98% of our students drive 1 hour or more to attend. More than half drive almost 2 hours to attend. 

Virginia Nail Technician License

  • state requries posting of licenses (for all customers to view) before you can sell ANY kind of nail service in the state of Virginia to avoid a class 1 misdemeanor 

  • can be insured to have liablity from suing clients
  • can work at high paying salons, spas & resorts with benefits
  • can open a salon or run a nail business even at home/mobile 
  • have been tested to ensure that they know how to keep "themselves" and clients safe from unsafe chemical exposure and injury beyond their scope of practice

How to get a Virginia Nail License

  • attend a state licensed school to have your age & identity verified inside the school (this can not be done online)

  • take tests inside a state licensed school after finishing a state approved course to ensure ability to take state exams

  • learn and show safe nail service skills from a state licensed instructor inside a state licensed school

  • we can release/prepare students to take the state licensing exams with a secure testing company approved by the state 

  • Virginia does NOT accept a 100% online course for licensing

Fill out my online form.

WATCH OUT FOR SCAM LICENSE TRAINING that allow only you to do your own nails or provide free nail services. ALL100% online nail education will NOT get you licensed. You HAVE to go into a State Licensed school to pass testing and show/learn safe service skill requirements to sit for the licensing exams. A one day class or 100% online course will not get you licensed.  You can not sell any kind of nail services without a nail license obtained by passing state exams to avoid a Class 1 misdemeanor, violation fines and lawsuits. 

  • El curso aquí solo se imparte en inglés
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