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Virginia Nail School

State Licensed and Approved to train/educate those wanting to sell Nail Services in Virginia 



Learn from a State Licensed Nail Instructor that holds nothing back!
This school is like no other! Taught by a currently working Instructor with over 26 years of experience in the nail industry. She plans to retire soon so there is no holding back with fear of you becoming competition. She wants to see you become successful by giving you all the trade secrets especially in business to avoid costly first year mistakes. She looks out for her students even after graduation as they grow in their career. 



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Not looking for a license or already licensed? Take a one day class!

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Any person practicing barbering, cosmetology (hair care), nail care, or waxing services without a posting license may be prosecuted and fined by the Commonwealth under §§ 54.1-111 A 1 and 54.1-202 of the Code of Virginia. Display of license is required at all times for anyone selling nail care services (this includes those learning) Call (804) 367-8504 or email ComplaintAnalysis@dpor.virginia.gov  to get help with filing a complaint about a unsafe salon or not seeing posted DPOR issued licenses for each staff selling nail care and an additional DPOR issued license for the salon. 
Nail Techs are trained and tested by the state to recognize skin issues for referral to a licensed Doctor or Podiatrist. All beauty professional are NOT allowed to cut any living tissue (or skin) off the fingers, toes or feet without a additional license from the Board of Medicine to avoid potential lawsuits from clients and a reportable violation
under §§ 54.1-2400.01

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