• age 16 or older
  • photo ID 
  • $2,500 paid in full or
  • $1,000 down +$350x5
  • Add optional kit
  • no financial aid in VA for nail education

Online Study

  • 130 hours online 
  • study anytime 24/7
  • finish within 6 mo
  • 30+hrs a month min
  • study faster as desired

Classroom Study

  • attendance required 
  • private classes
  • book Mon-Sun
  • pick 3hrs 10am-9pm
  • attend about 5 days 
  • attend 1-2 days mo


  • finish online work
  • 2 tests in school
  • attend few days
  • pay course for release
  • pass state exams
  • get state license 


Students can pay in full or make a down payment to start their online study  24/7 then attend later by appointment. Most students finish the entire course in about 4-5 months by studying about 30-40 hours a month. Students have six months to finish. Open by appt Mon-Sun 10-9. This is a RARE small school that can be adjustable to your needs. The Instructor is a serious EXPERT at getting you licensed as long as you dedicate to study.

Virginia Nail Technician License

  • requried by the state to be posted (for all customers to view) before you can sell ANY kind of nail service in the state of Virginia to avoid a class 1 misdemeanor 

  • can be insured for liablity from suing clients
  • can work at high paying salons, spas & resorts with benefits
  • can open a salon or run a nail business at home/mobile 
  • have been tested to ensure that they know how to keep "themselves" and clients safe from unsafe chemical exposure and injury beyond their scope of practice
  • Get out of a stuck job that you can't control
  • Get a trade skill for quick cash or seasonal resort work
  • work for more pay in less days while in college or high school
  • Get your license to expand your business
  • Put in the work, time and investment to get your license now for opportunities later
  • The exams for licensing is harder to study for each year.
  • This small attentive school cares about each student and can give individual attention to teach your learning style. 

How to get a Virginia Nail License

  • attend a state licensed school to have your age & identity verified inside the school (this can not be done online)

  • take tests inside a state licensed school after finishing a state approved course to ensure ability to take state exams

  • learn and show safe nail service skills from a state licensed instructor inside a state licensed school

  • we can release/prepare students to take the state licensing exams with a secure testing company approved by the state 

  • Virginia does NOT accept a 100% online course for licensing

WATCH OUT FOR SCAM LICENSE TRAINING that allow you to do your own nails or provide free nail services. ALL100% online nail education will NOT get you licensed. You HAVE to go into a State Licensed school to pass testing and show/learn safe service skill requirements to sit for the licensing exams. A one day class or 100% online course don't get you licensed.  You can not sell any kind of nail services without a nail license obtained by passing state exams to avoid a Class 1 misdemeanor, violation fines and lawsuits. 

Virginia Licensed & Approved Nail Course

Because of the flexible course offered here, students come here from all over VA and surrounding states. There is NO other nail school in the state that can offer the attention, knowledge and high licensing rates together. 

The Instructor specializes in getting graduates licensed (even those that struggled in high school or college)The instructor has almost 30 years of licensed nail industry experience to train students with industry and competition secrets plus the ability to answer ALL of your nail questions!

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