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Most people say the drive here is very scenic, quiet with very little traffic and friendly people in the area. Almost ALL of our students drive 1-2 hours to attend their classes here. Almost half of our students drive more than 2 hours.  Your stay should not be longer than 3 hours each time you visit the school for your classes. The school parking area is a safe area without issues.


Welcome to Fluvanna County! This school is next to a quiet gated community called Lake Monticello. We are also right next to the County's Fire & Resque to ensure watchful safety in this area. We have a daycare and church nearby so be watchful of traveling little children in the parking lot! Free parking is just 10-20 feet from the front door. There are no steps to enter the building.  The school does not have a waiting area for guests or a room for eating/breaks in the school. 


  • The Fluvanna County Library is about 5 minutes away and offers free wifi from their parking lot. They usually have fun things to do for families. They have public use computers and quiet study rooms with wifi. Check their website calendar for events. 
  • There is a family friendly hiking trail, open grass play and a dog park at "Pleasant Grove" about 5 minutes away (OFF spray for ticks recommended). They have a small creek area for fresh water fun when the river is not too high from heavy rains.
  • There is a coffee shop across the street by the El Vaquero mexican restaurant with coffee, scoop ice cream, smoothies and free wifi. They also have a bathroom with lots of sitting areas inside and out.
  • We are less than 2 minutes away from Tractor Supply and CVS.There is an open public restroom in the back right of these stores.
  • There is also a typical Food Lion shopping center about 5 minutes away with a goodwill store, gas station, pet supply store, gift shop pharmacy and sit down restaurants listed below. 
  • Zions Crossroads is about 15 minutes away with Lowes, Walmart and lots of Food Nearby listed below. They also have lodging at Best Western and a new hotel being built.
  • Award winning Carter Mountain Orchard offers apple or peach picking with a store, outdoor food eating with amazing romantic mountain views worth the drive about 25 minutes away. There is also a seasonal orchard about 10 minutes away in Fluvanna called Fruit Hill Orchard open from July to the fall.
  • About 10 minutes away we have Cunningham Creek Winery (plus there are many other wineries throughout Albemarle/Charlottesville including Jefferson Vineyards). People travel from all over the world to visit Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Home about 25 minutes away next to the Carter Mountain Orchard. There is fine dining next to Monticello called Michie Tavern. Charlottesville has an amazing assortment of fine restaurants especially near the UVA college. 
  • The "Pantops" area in Charlottesville is 30 minutes from this location with lost of hotels/motels, stores and car dealerships. Going further out into Route 29 offers more shopping with a distance about 20 minutes NorthWest of pantops. The Fashion Square mall is outdated. The Downtown mall area (past pantops) offers a nice dining and eclectic outdoor walking strip shopping and fine dining. The Barracks Road shopping center near UVA College offers a wide variety of shopping and familiar chain restaurant dining. The outdoor Stonefield Shopping center offers high end dining, theater and shopping. 


  • We are walking distance from Wahoo BBQ with a bar next door offering BBQ dine in service or takeout
  • Across the street are indoor/outdoor dining with Burgers/Beer behind the Dollar General. By CVS there are choices for dine inside service with Burgers, MexicanChinese and Organic. There is also a Dominos. 
  • Places to eat about 5 min drive away near the Food Lion are indoor dining at Sals Italian dining, Asian Cafe Sushi, Villa Nova Pizzeria, Sports Restaurant & Bar with lots of TV on sports, Chinese, Gelato and Dunkin by the Food Lion
  • Zions Crossroads has a drive thru Dunkin, Starbucks and so many fast food places including sit down service dining at ihop, Chinese/Thaimexican, italian and a seafood restaurant. Gordonsville is about 10 minutes north of Zion Crossroads for antique shopping, fine dining, BBQ and wineries.



The Fluvanna County Library about 5-10 minutes away offers free wifi in their parking lot. There is also a sitting area inside the coffee shop "Cuppa Joe" with wifi in the shopping area behind the school near the Dominos. For guests sitting in the parking lot outside the school door notify use to get the wifi access code.
There are about 10 minutes of dark windy roads if coming from the Zion Crossroads area. See below for guest info. Rides like Uber and Lyft are not available here. The closest lodging is at zion crossroads or Charlottesville. 
Guests are not permitted to stay inside the school. Nearby easy access restrooms during class time are at CVS, Tractor Supply and the Fluvanna Library nearby. The school restroom can be used by guests before and after student class times. For concerned parents, they can park right outside the class window to watch their child in class.
Student IDs should be presented on Day 1 but it is required by Day 3 to finalize paperwork in your files. Students do not bring their nail supplies except for their acrylic nail brush after the Day 1 intro class. A textbook is not needed in class unless they paid extra for the non-online class then they need their textbook at each class. Students can wear what they want to at class but their hair should be kept back with no long dangling jewelry on wrists or neck. If they have very long nails on at class it may get in the way of training. A beverage can be brought if they need it within 3 hours.



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