To visit the school an appointment must be made first. New students should email or text to make an appointment to speak with someone. School hours vary Mon-Sun 10-9 by appointment only


Virginia Nail School
also known as Virginia School of Nail Artistry

12 Centre Court
Palmyra VA 22963


Phone call or Text: 434-305-9799  
Phone calls should leave a message

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Text or email right now to book a in-person visit, attentive phone call or video chat 

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Sales, enrollment or student questions: (no solicitation)


VA State Licensing Questions: Call DPOR for state licensing info (804) 367-8509


Enrolled students will have access directly to the instructor's email and 24/7 texting

Free handicapp parking is about 20 feet from doorway. The 36" front door swings open both ways. Doors and halls are 36-40" wide. Open seating is available for wheelchairs in the classroom and lab areas. Bathroom space is wheelchair accessible. Discuss IEPs with the instructor for modifications. There are no stairs inside or outside the building. Sturdy non rolling wood chairs available for seating upon request.

WHERE IS THE SCHOOL? We are about:

  • 20 minutes from two exits off off I64 (#136 or #124)
  • 30 minutes south east of Charlottesville VA
  • 1 hour West of Richmond VA
  • 3-4 hours SW of Maryland
  •  2 hours S of Northern VA
  • 1.5 hours SW of Fredricksburg VA
  • 1.5 hours NE of Lynchburg VA
  • 2.5 hours NE of Roanoke VA
  • 1.5 hours SE of Harrisonburg VA
  • 4 hours E of West Virginia


Did you know that more than 90% of the students here drive at least an hour to attend. More than 50% of them drive two hours or more!



We are limiting our enrollment to 20 students max in 2024 with a new acceptance application to be able to enroll in 2024. Anyone can enroll in 2023.

We will stop taking new enrollment students on Dec 1, 2024 OR when we reach the maximum enrolled for 2024. Students can finish their course study going into 2025. The school will remain open in 2025 but not taking new enrollments after 2024. As of Jan 2026 the school will be closed.


To keep our cost the lowest in the state: Ms. Vivian does not get paid to teach here, she earns her income from the following:

  • nail services to her regular clients (most with NDAs)
  • expert witness & investigation assistant to help lawyers with lawsuits against salons and nail techs
  • worldwide competition judging for nail events including SkillsUSA
  • continued support to professional nail product manufacturers R&D Departments
  • nail curriculum development or revisions to beauty schools and state schools across the United States 
  • consultation visits to salon/spa business owners for design and layout improvements plus increase nail service profitability advice with help in understanding nail service equipment/options
  • working on publishing a Q&A book from her almost 30 years of experience in the industry from being a salon/spa owner plus working in low end walk nail salons to high end spas. 
  • she has a chemistry college education and spent three years creating a acrylic formula that was suppose to be released in early 2022.  A private label has purchased her special acrylic formulation. She is designing another nail product right now.

Running a nail school should be about a passion to teach and help others get their "License", not profits in order to ensure students reach the level of licensing and not just handing them a certificate.  Mrs. Vivian has donated years of her time to do this and is relocating plus focusing on her legal consultation career.

Follow to allow the instructor to offer reguar lives to give free help

The instructor is busy teaching but she will be posting to help others within a few months when we limit enrollment.

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