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Month 1-2

  • Make a down payment or pay in full 
  • Get sanitation, mani and pedi supplies before attending Day 1 to complete assignments
  • Complete 60 hrs to attend Day #1 

Month 3-6

  • Complete 35 hrs to attend Day #2
  • Complete 35 hrs to attend Day #3
  • Added classes based on work
  • Pay $172 to take state exams
  • Pay $105 for license
  • check requirements to get a Virginia Nail Technician license
  • do you understand the online study and class requirements?
  • did you ask all your questions by email, text or phone call?
  • pay online now or make an appointment to pay at the school

IF English is your Second Language: sample the online study before paying to enroll
no hablo español - Jǐn xiàn yīngyǔ - yeong-eoman chỉ tiếng Anh (adding Korean/Spanish course 2023)

Send a Text Question about enrollment NOW

Federal Financial Aid is NOT available for nail education in Virginia (there is for hair school)

Enroll now by paying in full

$2,500* cash by appt $2,350
Students will get a instructional Welcome email within 20 hours of paying to start onilne study when ready. PIF students can attend all their class days when ready and released to take their exams when the course is passed. 
This cost is valid until 11pm on Oct 8, 2022


*ENROLLING AFTER OCT 8, 2022 will cost $250 more for an updated course

Pay in full with a Reg Kit

Add a Kit with sanitation, mani, pedi and acrylic supplies.

Pay in full with a Pro Kit

Add the regular kit with added assorted gel supplies. 

Discover is paid AT the school

OPTIONAL Kit items are very flammable so it is NOT mailed. Kits must be picked up by appointment at the school. Students can choose to get supply items themselves. Items are not needed until 30-60 hours of online study is done.

Enroll now with a down payment

Payment plan is a no credit check option that starts with a down payment. 

NOW TO OCT 8, 2022  (cost after Oct 8 is $250 more)

$1,000 down with five monthly payments of $350* 

$1,500 down with four monthly payments of $300*

Optional Kit purchases are paid with the down payment

ENROLL IN OCT 2022: First monthly payment is due by Dec 1, 2022

Pay online or at the school by appt (when ready) in any amount/date to have the minimum paid by the first.


An email will arrive within 20 hours to create your online study account

PP students can attend their first class days when ready and another after each monthly payment. PP students are released to take their exams when the course is paid in full and all work is completed.


To make a down payment (especially with using multiple cards to pay) come to the school by appointment.


We welcome and encourage all students to pay at the school by appointment. This offers the option to ask all questions, pickup their book and get a kit if bought. Ask for day/times between 9-9 M-Sun


Other costs not included: 
2022 State exam fee of $172 and state exam supplies (about $100) after finishing the course. We also don't include the state licensing fee of $105 in any of our course costs (due to the state after passing the state licensing exams that we prepare students for. Add travel fee to Palmyra VA 22963 about 5 times within six months. Attending is based on when require work is done before each class. Most students finish in 4 months but the max is 6 months to avoid failing. 


2023 Course:
Cost to enroll into our course after Sept 2022 may increase about $250-500 based on the new 2023 updated course information & updated textbook costs to prepare for the updated 2023 exams. Exams get harder EVERY year!!!


Info about this School:

  • Our Instructor has over 20 years of nail education experience with preparing student for licensure
  • By mid-2022 almost half of our students came from other schools with failed state exams, scammed by apprenticeship or the school itself went out of business (or were shut down by the state). Nail School is not as profitable as hair (cosmetology) so keeping a nail only school open can be hard for business owners focused more on profits beyond the success of the studying student. We stay small to stay in business and attentive.
  • Private one on one classes ensures that training is focused on the student without distractions and goes the student's pace to ensure each attending student has effectively learned safe service skills to pass the state exams. 
  • Students MUST plan their course study before studying (30 hrs online per month for six months) to ensure that they finish the course in time before a course expiration access failure. Their success in completion requires responsibility. Online study is open 24/7 
  • We 100% believe that students meant to be here will end up here so we will NEVER push any student to attend. Please check all other schools to make sure we are the right choice for you. Some other schools may provide better salon service time to build confidence. We are the best option for those that are very experienced doing nails. 

Advance Skills after our education:
Our course is about understanding safety in services for your client and yourself with basic knowledge of nail service skills in manicure, pedicure and basic acrylics. Advance acrylic, art, gel polish, dip and other nail skills can be mastered over time (after getting licensed) and not taught here. We recommend taking continued education classes all over the United States to improve nail skills after getting licensed. Trade shows like the California NailPro in Aug or Nail Tech of the Smokies in July every year will be an amazing learning experience with competitions. Some other trade shows are the Premier Beauty Classic, Bronner Brothers or Beauty Expo. You can't attend most of those classes without a license (that is how you know it's Pro quality training and not a scam). Don't learn bad habits or training that could get your sued or lose your license!

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