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Course Cost

Includes registration, textbook, 6 month online access, tuition, lab fees

OCT=Pay in full $3,250 $3,000 or $1,500 down with 5 payments of $400 $350

NOV=Pay in full $3,250 or $1,500 down with 5 payments of $400

  • *see discount page
  • add a kit $450-700
  • 120 hrs at 5-10hr week online 
  • start attending in 1-3 months
  • attend 0-4 days per month
  • about 10 days to attend by appt

  • online study/attendance must be done within 6 months

There is no Federal Aid in Virginia to pay for Nail Education. Check cosmetology schools.


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Student Kit

Click the yellow button to pay in full and enroll right now

After paying, you will be redirected to create an online study account to start self paced online study when ready. Students can start booking their future dates online (or by text/email) after/during the first 30 days of online study.

Contact the school to make an appointment to pay at the school. Those that paid in full can be released for exams faster when they have passed in-school testing and requirements for hands on training. Paid in full students can book all their dates when ready to attend. Most students start attending in 1-3 months of enrollment and finish in about 4-6 months. 

Click the yellow button to make a down payment and enroll now. No credit check with 100% approval.

After paying, you will be redirected to create an online study account to start self paced online study when ready. Students can start booking 3 future dates online (or by text/email) after/during the first 60 days of online study. Two more dates can be booked after each monthly payment. Use the total calculator to figure how much your monthly payment will be.


Payment plan for October enrollment is $1,500 down with five payments of $400 $350. Students can start online as soon as they make a down payment. First payment is due anytime before Dec 1, 2020 with following payments due before the 1st each month. Last payment is made by Apr 1, 2021. There are no options for a decreased down payment amount because the course needs to be paid in full within six months to be released to take the most current state exam. Exams are updated regularly with new content not taught in old courses. Kit purchase is extra as desired paid with the down payment or purchased for work needed to be done before the first attendance day. 


Discounts explained: Any discount applied will be divided by 5 and applied to the monthly payment amount. Distance, beauty school, apprentice and pro level discount amounts are divided by 5 and applied to reduce each monthly payment. Cash 5% is instant to any down payment or payment. Check 2.5% is only for pay in full. Early pay off 10% is applied only to a paid in full balance of a payment being made by Dec 31, 2020. Group enrollment is only offered to groups paying in full before 12/1/20.  Discounts


Attendance: Payment plan students can book three dates with their down payment and 2 dates after each payment is made. Reminders are not sent for payment plans. Students are responsible for their own payments and asking immediately for extensions to financial issues.


Late Fees: On the 2nd of each month a 5% fee on the owed balance is applied if the payments are not up to date. Those with medical issues or emergencies should make a contact to get extensions with verifiable proof. Reminders are not sent.


Kit purchases should be added to the down payment if desired to get one as it is not avaialble in a payment plan. Pick is available at the school right after payment. Booking to pickup can be done by text, online, email or phone call.  Mani/Pedi Supplies are needed before the first attending day of class with all other supplies needed after the first day. Supplies stay at home with the student (exception to a acrylic kolinsky brush). Supplies include table clamp hand, mani, pedi, tip, acrylic, starter drill and sanitation products. State exam hand and odorless supply is $50 extra. Students can purchase the kit items themselves and a list is provided right after down payment at the enrollment link. 


Monthly payments can be made online at the MAKE A PAYMENT page, at the school (by cash, card or check) and a drop box is available by the front door for checks. Make a checks payable to VIRGINIA NAIL SCHOOL. Students can pay whenever and how they want during the month with the total monthly minimum paid by the 1st of the month. 


Students will not be released to take their state exams to get licensed until the course is paid for and completed.

From Jan 2021-July 2021 class enrollment will accept 10 more total students max. Enrollment will permanently close to new students on July 31, 2021 (or sooner if the 10 student enrollment limit is reached). This school will close for business on Feb 28, 2022 (or 7 months after the tenth student's enrollment date in 2021). After over a decade of teaching, the Instructor here is making plans to retire from teaching state licensed nail courses. New students will NOT be accepted to enroll after July 31, 2021.

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