This is a very flexible course that allows you to study whenever you want online and attend when you can later all within six months.

No school in Virginia can be 100% online to lead to licensure. Students must complete minimum requirements inside a state licensed/approved school under the supervision of a state licensed instructor.



Please contact us by email or text to request an appointment for a phone, video chat or visit. 



Please visit the COVID-19 Precautions page for more details.




No. The state requires students wanting a Virginia Nail Technician License to take testing inside a state licensed school and finish a specific amount of nail training done under the supervision of a Licensed Instructor inside a state licensed & course approved school. Don't be fooled by any 100% all done online course scams (espeically not VA licensed schools). A 100% online course can not give the credit hours towards the ability to take the state exams for licensing. Classes are all one on one training to adjust to each student's speed of learning/skill.



No. In the United States, several states offer federal aid for nail training but Virginia is not one of them. There is no federal aid in Virginia for Nail Education. All costs are paid here by the student. Consider asking family for help you with getting a career trade education or contact your Social Service/disability case worker to see if they have funds to help.

No Federal Aid is the #1 reason why there is a high demand for Licensed Nail Techs. It is also the reason why many beauty programs don't want to offer nail education in Virginia. The unpredictability for poor profits/low enrollment cause many nail schools to close with a few years of opening. The Instructor has a passion to put more licensed nail techs into the industry before retiring in 2022 while earning her main income by still selling nail services on the side to her regular clients. The Norfolk (high military population) area may offer hair schools with a nail course on the side that accepts military aid but we do not accept military benefits here. 


To get federal financial aid, consider enrolling into a 12-18 month Cosmetology program. Cosmetologists can do hair cuts/color, nail care, simple skin care and facial waxing. Financial Aid is also offered for Barbering, Esthetics and massage. Esthetics offers licensing opportunities for complex facial skin care, lash work and all waxing services. Massage schools also offer financial aid.



No. Virginia is not a state that offers financial aid for nail eduction so there is no tax education credit for nail school.  The hours required to become a nail tech is only 150 hours compared to cosmetology or barbering school with thousands of hours to offer financial aid and education/loan tax credit/deductions. You will not get a 1098 form from the school for payment. Keep your reciepts for supply, travel, uniform and books when you attend as they could tax deductable especially for a business. Talk to your accountant about this. 



Most states allow Virginia Licensed Nail Techs to transfer thier license into another state to become multi state licensed. You do not have to live in the state you are licensed in. People can have multiple licenses from many states and to stay licensed you just pay their yearly or bi yearly fee. Some states will also require regular CEU classes, health certifications and regulation testing to continue being licensed but Virginia does not require those. Other states may require a fee and/or  retesting in their state. Check with your state's cosmetology licensing board about teh requirements to transfer a Virginia license.



After paying in full or making a downpayment online or at the school, students will immediately link by email to create an online study account. Students can start online study when ready. There are about 150 hours of online study. Online study is done anytime 24/7 within 6 months. Students will study for about 50 hours online (or more) before attending their first day within 30-60 days of a payment in full or downpayment. Students can use their cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to study online.


Online study takes a lot of self discipline and it is recommended to have a calendar to plan a 5-10 hours of online study completion each week. Students not making a goal each week can cause time to go by and the entire course will expire for use within 6 months. The course is designed to ensure students are prepared for the most up to date state licensing exam as it gets more complicated to pass each year. Guardians should help organize a study plan for anyone under 21 to complete the course successfully. ONLINE STUDY DETAILS 



Students pick the dates they want to attend later on average about 1-2 or 1-3 times a month for a few months or less if their skills speed to finish in class assignments is faster. All dates are attended within a deadline 4-6 months of the day they make their first payment. Fastest completion comes from those that finish more than half of the online work or more before attending. After each date attended, the student will practice about 10 hours of what was learned at home to have questions for the next class date. There are no back to back dates to ensure students have practiced services at home to prepare for the next day's level of training.

Yes. We offer a 
no credit check 100% approved in-house pay here plan. Payment plan starts with a down payment. The down payment gives access (from an email link) within 24 hours of payment  to online study. Our payment plan time ensures that students can pay for the course in a reasonable time (within 5 months) so that they can be released to take their state exams asap before they forget what they learned before the state exams for licensing are updated with new content. Optional kit purchases are made with the down payment.


Payments are the student's responsibility with no reminders sent. A balance can be requested anytime by text or email with a 24hr or less response time. Payments can be paid online at the MAKE A PAYMENT page or at the school. Payments can be paid early, paid over and even in multiple amounts during the month to reach the minimum by the first due. The mimimum is due each due date to continue online study and attendance. 


A late fee is applied at 11:59 on the day that the payment is due. The late fee is 5% of the balance owed. Students can quit anytime with no further payments required (with a 15 day notice before their next payment due date) but there is no refund on any paid costs here. Access to the course closes after 6 months of the first payment when it expires for use. New book fees and completion costs will be required to restart in an updated course. Students with financial issues should contact the school for time extensions before the payment is due. 




If you have a felony or misdemeanor charge you need to report it after finishing the course. They will research your background to check for them and if not reported those convicted will have long delays to get licensed after submitting the required forms. CLICK HERE for an informational flyer about criminal convictions with licensing. Below is a form that will be filled out after you finish the coures to understand what information they want. The state does not review anyone for approval of licensure until they have finished a state licensed course and passed the state exams. 


The state wants to know about any filed previous state violations with hair/nail services, info about previous state licensed careers, felonies under 20 years ago and misdemeanors from under 2 years ago. Download the file below to learn more. 

Infographic_criminal conviction apps.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [173.0 KB]

Textbook Example

The course requires student to study regularly with a positive attitude. Students must take the course serious or their money will be wasted. Those that don't make a deadline to study 20-30 hours per month can have issues with completion. Those that don't start attending 1-2 days per month within 3 months of starting the course can have issues finishing.  Students need to prepare and budget to take the state exams right away after finishing the course to take the exam that the course prepared you for. The state exams are updated regularly with new information not taught in old classes. The instructor will be glad to make a organized homework list task to mark on a calendar if you ask her. She won't offer it unless asked to ensure that it won't be taken as an insult. Let her know when you want to finish and how much you can study online/practice each week/month if you have a plan. EXAMPLE TEXTBOOK PAGES

Some students come in with the idea that they can finish everything in a few weeks. This is not possible and never been done. There is a lot of information needed to learn. This course is about teaching you the information needed to pass the state exams for licensing as well as being able to become a Professional Nail Technician offering safe and sanitary services. No matter how many followers you have on social media or likes on facebook, that won't help you pass this course. If you have been doing artificial nails for a while unlicensed you will have to learn how the state requires you do provide them for retail. The exams for licensing are taken in a separate secured testing facility to check to see what you have learned in this course.




NoMore than 95% of our students drive about an hour to attend with more than half driving around 2 hours. We also get students from outside the state of Virginia that want to work on the Virginia borders. You don't have to live in VA to et a VA nail license. Classes are by your chosen appointment so you just have to drive several times and before you know it, you are done. It's a sacrifice well worth the drive to learn a quick trade skill! Save your gas receipts for taxes. 



Students need supplies after attending the first day of class to do first class day homework after about 30-40 hours of online book study completion. Our kit cost cost is what you would pay for in the store but we can purchase it at a 10% discount to earn a 10% profit minus credit card fees or cash discount. The kit purchase is to your benefit not really for us. 


Most people get a kit here to take the guess work out of what to buy and avoid the frustration of wasted time for delayed deliveries and wasted money buying the wrong things. Kits are recommended to those that don't know much about nails. Our kit will also expose students to things that they don't know about to help them do their job as a professional including exposure to multiple brands. Anyone that does nails can tell you that Nail Supplies are expensive and buying things at random can make that cost higher. 


A itemized list will be provided in the online study for those that don't get a kit here. The kit items stay at home for practice with exception to the acrylic brush that is brought on the 2nd day of class.  


The Student Kit includes sanitation supplies, mani/pedi products, chemicals/solvents, files/buffers, starter drill, training practice hand, acrylic product, tips, glues and metal tools. The Pro level kit includes the student kit with added dipping items, gel polishes and a starter LED light. 
Kits DO NOT Include: Carrying case/bag, table, chairs, odorless acrylic liquid, state hand, state odorless kit, stool or pedi soak tub. KIT PURCHASE

Kits are usually available for pickup at the school. We DO NOT ship kits because of the chemicals. Students can pick up kits early before their class date by making an appointment online or by text to check on availability status. Curbside delivery is available upon request. 



Nail Techs make money based on their skill experience (from repetitive practice), timing to finish services, prices and where they work.  Those that work at home can make more money by not paying for commercial rent. Some of our students purchase an RV to do mobile nails or travel to peoples homes/offices to make money per service. Nail parties are popular before weddings and baby showers which can bring bulk money in one day. Nail services cost around $20-75 and based on the Tech's practice it could be done in an hour or less. Tips bring in a additional income. Nail Techs make the most money when they have practiced regularly to get good at speed on their services plus lots of repeated practice to learn from mistakes to know how to provide a quality service.


High end resorts and day spas usually pay a per hour salary with or without a commission but may offer benefits like 401K, insurance and paid vacations. Most nail services at high end resorts/day spas can cost around $50-150 per hour for a great commission with regular 10-15% tips added. Spa/resorts usually pay $8-15 an hour or more with a commission of 10-30%+ to earn around $200-500 a day. Most Spa/Resorts already have clients ready to book when starting.


Techs good at timing and experience knowledge with a clientle built, could earn $150-400 in an 8 hour day at home. Techs in a business setting must pay for overhead with the same home income earnings but hired staff can bring income in to help the owner pay less overhead. Salon employment can vary for hourly or commission pay and after a clientle is built up they could make around $150-250+ per day plus tips based on the prices. Booth rental is another option after a clientle is built up. 



We have spent over 10 years building the course here to prepare students for the state exams to get licensed. We stay updated and revise the course regularly to stay up to date with new content. We are proud to hold one of the highest pass rate ratios in the state for Nail Technicians. The #1 reason that a student would have issues with passing state exams is from waiting to long to take them after finishing the course or giving up. The state exam is updated regularly and students should be taking exams within 3 months or less of finishing the course. We are experts in knowing how to prepare students (that do their study/work responsibly) for their state exams to get licensed. Getting students licensed is our reason for being open and it is why we are still standing as a rare Nail School left in the state. We don't care about competition, we are on a mission the make them everywhere so nothing is held back.




Students can take their state exams when they are released from this school by passing and paying for the course in full.  Students will take the licensing exams that we prepare and release you for. The state exams are administered in a secure state approved facility, not here. The state exam cost is $172 paid directly to the exam center towards the end of the course. That cost is not included in any costs paid here. Students should save for that cost along with the $105 license fee paid to the state after passing both state exams. 



Payments are made by the student at the MAKE A PAYMENT page anytime before or by 11:59pm on the 1st. 

A late fee is applied on the 2nd of each month. The late fee is 5% of the balance owed on the 2nd after the 1st due. The late fee is added each 2nd until payments are caught up. There is no refund on any paid costs and access to the course expires for use in 6 months of the first payment. After 30 days of late/non payment access to online study is paused until payments are caught up.

Students will instantly fail the course after 60 days of not being caught up on payments (with no pre approval of time extension from verifiable documents). Students that instantly fail or quit during the first few months will get no refund/credit and don't owe anything more to the school. Paid kits can be picked up within 4 months of their down payment before they expire for pickup. Anyone needing to pause a course for issues must put in a email request for approval and may be required to pay additional fees to restart a new updated course within the timeline of approval. Approved completion extentions will require all paid cost expired for credit use one year after paid.

Students with financial issues during the course should contact the school for possible late fee waivers and/or time extensions before the payment is due (Verifiable proof required). Contact by email can get balances within 24 hours. The worst thing a student on a payment plan can do is ignore communication when late. 




Anyone selling nail services in Virginia without a posted valid nail or hair license is prosecutable with a Class 1 misdemeanor and can be reported to DPOR for violation. Businesses are not covered for liability (even with insurance) if the Tech was unlicensed at the time of damage/injury. Clients that get an infection, cut or damage from a person selling nail services without a nail license can sue the person(and salon owner) that sold the nail services for damages. Opening a salon will require a state registration of the managing/owning staff to be held liable for violations including employment of unlicensed staff to sell nail services. Anyone violated from selling nail care services unlicensed will have issues with getting many types of Professional Career licenses (in any state) with a reported violation on their record. To stay licensed you just pay the fee every two years ($105 as of 2020). If you move out of state you can transfer your license to be multi state licensed. 



Unless you have already been doing nails the answer is most likely no. Acrylic skill is an art and can take 1-2 years of costant practice to master before top notch quality results are provided to customers. Starting with Manicure and Pedicure services is your best bet for positive future results. Many spas, resorts and salons are desperately looking for mani/pedi service employees. On the side you can provide acrylic nails for a year or two then you could move on to working in your own business.

It can be hard to venture out into the real world after any kind of vocational training. Success comes later for those that step over that scary speed bump with a postitive attitude that welcomes criticism and mistakes as a tool to make them amazing into the future. Working on a dummy hand and a real person are two different things! We will give you the tools to know what to do but it is up to you to practice regularly to become great. KNOW THIS: not all nail techs specialize in everything! Some techs are great at acrylics, some don't want to ever do acrylics, some techs love manis and pedis and some even just love pedicures. Choose your nail service type and change it to find your client base. You can be a nail provider that cares about natural, fun, loud, artistic, healing etc. Whatever your passion is stick to it to become amazing AT YOUR GIFT because there are customers waiting for your vision!




This course is about preparing you to take the state exams. Although we would love to make you the most amazing Nail Tech in the world that only comes from time doing nails over and over again. After students have passed and paid for the course they are released/prepared to take their state exams. We specialize in teaching the book and basic hands on skills required to become licensed. Students that complete the course have the ability to email or text the Instructor for service questions or career guidance as their skills grow over the years. Students regularly contact the Instructor after years to ask about advise for equipment purchasing, salon openings, employment, issues etc. A graduate of Virginia Nail School will automatically get life long email/text help with their nail questions as needed/desired included!





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