Make a Payment

Use this page to make a payment on any cost here for a student. All payments are recorded immediately into the student's account. Payment can be made by anyone but please note the student's name to credit their account. 


Payment can be made with cards having the Visa, MC, Discover or AMEX logos. Card payment information is not stored in our system. In order to make another payment later you must enter the data again each time you pay. Click the link to go to the secure site to make a payment in any amount.


Payments are preferred to be made at the school. Email to make a appointment to meet and pay. Please do not mail cash. We do have a after hours drop box at the door for checks. Click the button below to go to the secure payment page. 

Those on payment plans can Email or text anytime to get your account balance within 24 hours. Make sure to speak to Vivian if you have any issues with making a payment to get assistance. Help or time extensions can't be provided if you don't ask! All financial conversations will be kept private and not publicly disclosed.


Request your balance anytime by email or text. Response will be made within 24 hours. 



You can make an appointment to pay at the school, just communicate to agree on a time/day.

  • Visa, MC, Amex or Discover online or by phone
  • cash at the school (get 5% off)
  • check at the school, by mail or the 24/7 dropbox by the door
  • request an emailed invoice amount to be paid by others online

Payments are due by 11:59pm on the 1st of each month. The 5% of the balance owed late fee is applied on the 2nd. Students can make single or multiple payments in any amount during the month to reach the minimum by the first. There is no penalty when paying early or more. After 60 days of no contact/payment the student has failed the course with no refund or credits. Exception to serious emergencies with verifiable proof. 


Make an appointment to pay at the School (if not on a class day)
Email or text the school to request a weekend/night hour

CLICK HERE to TEXT questions or requests balances




If you have a job loss or financial issue during your course of study: present proof documents to get an extention on your completion deadline and delay in your payment dates. ALWAYS communicate by emailing the school a hardship letter at recommended before the payment is due to get the most helpful results. Assistance may be determined on your performance on continued online study. Those presenting a positive a COVID-19 result will get an extension on their course completion deadline. Non communicating is the worse thing you can do because it will lead to losing your paid cost. 




When the monthly minimum is not recieved by the 1st of the month a late fee is applied on the 2nd. Payments are the student's responsibility without reminders. If the minimum payment amount is not recieved by 11:59pm on the 1st, the total balance owed will be multiplied by 5% and that amount will be applied to the pay off balance. Students can not attend classes when payments are behind. Online study will lock students out within 30 days of a late payment. The six month completion deadline applies regardless of online lock out or inability to attend. 


If you are having financial difficulties, please communicate asap to get time extensions or request a course enrollment pause with paid amounts credited to a new course cost later.


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