What is this page for?

  • enrolled students making their monthly payment
  • future enrolling students paying to build up their down payment
  • students paying to enroll and need to use multiple cards to pay
Discover accepted in school only



  • using a card with a Visa, MC, AMEX logo
  • Discover is not accepted for online payments
  • choose to pay varied amounts during the month to have the minimum paid by the 1st or pay by the 1st



  • text or call (434) 305-9799 to make a appointment to visit the school
  • email to make an appointment to visit the school
  • pay with a check payable to "Virginia Nail School" (Can be mailed & postdated to deposit on 2nd after 1st due)
  • pay using a card with a Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover logo
  • textbook/kit pickup available at the school after down payment or payment in full
  • gold wall drop box is available by the door outside-open to push through (Can be dropped off & postdated to deposit on 2nd after 1st due)



  • pay with a check payable to "Virginia Nail School" in partial, down payment or in full
  • please do not mail cash
  • returned check fee is $35 with late fee


APP PAYMENT vanailschool

  • Venmo 
  • CashApp


There are no refunds for any paid costs made here (see details below and in your payment form). If you made a payment by mistake you must contact us in less than 20 hours of making the payment to see if we can assist you in fixing it. 

CLICK HERE to TEXT questions or request balances for a response in 6-20 hrs

Discover accepted in school only

Making multiple payments to pay a down payment or payment in full is allowed on this page. You can also request an invoice by email to pay online or pay at the school using multiple forms of payment. Down payment build up should be made within 30-90 days or less in case the course prices increase. Cost to enroll is the advertised/listed price at enrollment start. Students can not start a course until at least the minimum down payment is made. We update our course regularly and the prices can change when we create a new course.

Later 2023 exams are going to be tougher than 2022 so we will have a price increase for 2023 to take this redesigned course to prepare for the new exams. Students take exams when they are done with their studies that can take 3-6 months based on student's study dedication each month. 


Late fee

A late fee of $35 is applied on the 2nd  and the 16th after the 1st due if the minimum payments is not caught up by 11:59pm on the 1st of the month due and continues each month until paid. Being late could lock you out of online study with the 6 month deadline still applying. Any payment more than 60 days late could instantly fail the student as a drop out with no refunds on any paid costs. Always communicate when you have financial issues to get options.

Example: A monthly payment of $350 was due on June 1 and the student pays on June 18 ($35 is added on the 2nd and on the 16th), A payment of $420 is due before another late $35 fee is applied on the 2nd of July. Late fees become part of the monthly minimum due. If only a partial monthly payment was made the late fee is still added. So if the student paid $200 on June 18 then the payment is still considered late to pay $220 by July 1.



 The first payment will be due on the next first of the month past 30 days from the down payment. Add 30 days to the day of your down payment and go to the next first of the month. Example: down payment made on July 10 then the first payment is due Sept 1. We offer a due date ahead to allow you to pick a due date but most pay by the 1st. 


Paying ahead is to your advantage with no penalties to help process paperwork faster for a quicker course completion without delays to take state exams for licensing. Those paying off a course in full within 90 days of a down payment (and was billed for installment fees) can get a discount of up to $50-150 depending on which month you pay off the course and what payment plan you selected. 


If you are having financial difficulties or serious life issues then you must notify the instructor before the due date to get flexibility. There are no refunds on any paid cost here. Your course can be temporarily paused for up to 6 months or you can get time completion extensions with proof of your hardship. Disappearing, not saying anything and missing payments will create negative opportunties for assistance. Just talk to us as early as you can, we are a small business and can help in ways that bigger schools can not. We want to work with students having financial issues but consider that we have pre-paid costs to take the course that are non refundable to us especially limited time to use online study that is updated regulary to prepare for the most up to date state exam.


Those that want to quit a course in a monthly payment plan can do so without making any more payments and there will be no collection for the future payments. A missed payment more than 10 days late with no contact made by email, text or phone message (to the school) will instantly fail a student from the course on the 11th day after a missed payment with no contact made. The student can keep their textbook and a purchased kit must be picked up within 60 days from the date of their down payment or payment in full before it is donated to a student in need. Issues for allergies to chemicals, attend your first day BEFORE doing acryilcs or gels to understand how to avoid this. Mani/Pedi only services can be very profitable working in a Spa!


A refund of any paid cost is not given to those that quit a course at any time, this includes paid in full. If you are not serious about completion of the course consider the down payment option. Completed hours for transfer is given based on attended days and completed testing at the school. Retarting a quit course will require updated fees paid that varies based on work completed, new updated exam requirements, when you attended, when you restart/continue and what you have paid. Contact us to consider a portion of your paid cost to be applied towards another student wanting to enroll (within 30 days of paying in full or making a down payment) that will use your textbook. 


Completion delays past six months can instantly fail a student with no refunds. The online study access is paid up front for a use up to six months only. A course can be paused with pre-notification to use the balance online study months within one year of enrollment. On the 185th day after enrolling by a down payment or payment in full, if the student has not completed the online study with passed testing at the school (and minimum atttendance), then they have failed the course. To continue a failed course, the newest course cost must be paid to restart again. A varied discount of up to $500 will be offered based on what was previously completed in the course and what was previosuly paid.

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