About Online Study


Students can start their online study within a few hours after a payment in full or down payment is made



  • Smart phone, computer or tablet
  • Open 24/7 to use anytime
  • Nothing is timed (but MUST finish within 6 months)
  • Most students finish online study within 3-4 months
  • Finish about 40-50 hrs of online study to attend 1st day
  • Minumum study is 30 hrs per month (study more=finish faster)
  • enrolled students have 24/7 text access to instructor

Students have six months to finish the course from the day they make a down payment or payment in full before they could instantly fail or become terminated from the course. Dedicating a minimum of 30 hours per month to study is recommended.


Online study are reading lessons, quizzes and practice tests to use to prepare for tests at the school. These tests at the school are under security cameras and must be passed with a 78% or higher. This grade will prepare students for a state exam within 8 months of the day they enrolled to get their state Nail Technician License. Exams are not taken here. Exams are taken at a state secure state testing facility with many locations all over the state of Virginia. Online study also includes steps and procedures for service practice at home with photo uploads required. 


Nail History

Personal Skills

Professional Image


Anatomy & Physiology

Nail & Skin Structure

Nail Disease and Disorders

Basic Chemistry & Electricity

Understanding Nail Products

Manicures & Pedicures

Nail Tips & Wraps

Acrylic I-II

Gels I

Electric Filing I

Nail Art Theory I

State Regulations


For those that do not have online access we have a 10-12 day attendance course completed by attending 1-3 days a month for 4-6 months. NON ONLINE COURSE LINK INFO

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