Online Study

About 120 hours of online study is self paced to finish whenever you want before a six month deadline. Online study is open to use anytime 24/7. There are no timed testing or delayed study opening in online study. Students can go as fast or slow as they want but they should dedicate a minimum of 40-50 hours per month of study to successfully complete the course in time.


Recommended minimum study plan (but those that go faster can finish faster)


MONTH 1: 25 hr home study (recommended 5-10hrs per week)

MONTH 2: 25 hr/attend 1 day

MONTH 3: 40 hr/attend 1 day with testing

MONTH 4: 45 hr/attend 2 days
45 hr/attend 2 days with testing

MONTH 6: State Exam Prep (attend 2+ days based on work completion and skill set)



120 online+30 private individual classroom hours=150 hours + 50 home practice

  • Before attending Day 1=40hrs online study + 8hrs practice
  • Before Day 2=30hrs online study + 10hrs practice
  • Before Day 3=19hrs online study + 8 hrs practice
  • Before Day 4=6hrs online study + 8hrs practice
  • Before Day 5=15hrs online study + 9hrs practice
  • Before Day 6=10hrs online study + 7hrs practice
  • Other days will require 5hrs practice before class

2021 online study hours will increase to 150 for new updated content


Nail History

Personal Skills

Professional Image


Anatomy & Physiology

Nail & Skin Structure

Nail Disease and Disorders

Basic Chemistry & Electricity

Understanding Nail Product

Manicures & Pedicures

Nail Tips & Wraps

Acrylic I-II

Gels I

Electric Filing I

Nail Art Theory I

Salon Business

State Regulations

Released to take exams for licensure after completion of above & passed in school testing with a paid in full course


2021 will require 30 additional book study hours for new content to learn

Students get immediate access to the Online Course after payment:

  • self paced to study when you want before the deadline (see below)
  • study online anytime 24/7 whenever you want. 
  • use a cell phone, ipad, laptop or computer
  • about 120 hours of online study for those enrolled in 2020
  • recommended online study time is about 5-10 hours per week 
  • minimum of about 50 hours of total study must be done at home to start attending

Students that don't have internet access can do paper homework and attend 1 day a week by appt for 15 weeks with the option to skip weeks = no online study would require attendance of 15-18 days within six months with no online study at all


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