Vivian Harris

Virginia Nail School's Director & Lead Instructor

Ms. Vivian is a Virginia State Licensed Nail Technician Instructor with a chemical engineering college education. She has over 30 years in the nail industry working in low end walk-in salons to high end resorts (including owning salons and an upscale full service day spa). She has consistently worked in the Nail Industry since 1994 performing over 100,000 nail services. Ms. Vivian can answer ALL of your nail career, FDA approved nail products and nail service questions! 


She teaches here at Virginia Nail School part time with other main career positions such as:

  • nail services to her regular clients only (most with NDAs)
  • expert witness & investigation assistance to help lawyers with lawsuits against salons and nail technicians/manicurists across the East Coast of the United States
  • worldwide competition judging for nail events including Skills USA
  • consultation to professional nail product manufacturers R&D Departments
  • regular nail curriculum development or revisions to vocational beauty schools and state schools across the United State including regular consulting to Virginia's Department Of Education to make improvements to the State's Nail Technician curriculum
  • consultation services to salon business owners or resort spas for design and layout improvements plus increase profitability advice with help in understanding nail service equipment/options or training



 "It is my #1 goal to guide every student that enrolls towards getting licensed. It is 100% why I teach here. My course is not easy but I am here to help my students when they need it.  I will always give them back the same percentage of effort they give to the course or more. I have the ability to adjust my instruction to each student's own learning style to guide them towards their "own" success in the industry. I don't teach to feed an ego or salary. I teach to make my students better than me for the future of the nail industry. I teach to give back what I was given in this industry before I retire. I never planned to be a Nail Tech but I am so thankful that I ended up with this trade skill and I WANT TO PASS IT ON.

Being a Nail Tech has made incredible things happen for me and my entire family. The people I met in this career have given me great opportunities and lessons in life that the people in my personal life were not giving me. I had the flexiblity to work when I wanted, make what I wanted and most importantly have time to put my focus on the things that were important to me in my life (like my family). I was able to financially provide for my family and guide my children to the amazing success they have acheived in life from the time freedom that selling nail services provided. I want to pass this trade on to others to change their life as it did for me. I know many people are doing nails without a license so I am trying my best to personalize my education to their own life/learning style to help them get the license that can make the career difference to get to the next level as they master their trade skill. I'm saddened by the students that come here with expensive worthless certificates that didn't get them licensed. Im very passionate about guiding my students to actual licensure for more opportunities in their life as their skills grow. This industry can give you back what you give to it to become a master at your trade for more opportunities later in life".  Ms. Vivian

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