Attending Classes

Virginia requires testing and minimum service training done inside a state licensed school under the supervision of a state licensed instructor to complete a Nail Course that leads to licensing.

  • Students do not usually attend within 30 days of starting online
  • Students should atttend Day 1 within 40-60 days of enrolling 
  • Attendance is 1-2 days per month by student's choice
  • Limit of 1 day per week with required online work & service practice hours done first
  • Classes are usually booked online, text, email, phone or at class
  • Most students finish the entire course within 4-5 months (course expires for use in 6 months)
  • All class training is 1 student to 1 instructor at all times to go the student's speed
  • A mask is required to be worn at class by the instructor/student (except during state photo and drinking)


  • Mon-Fri usually between 10am-6pm (other hours booked 3-4 weeks ahead)
  • Sat & Sun usually baroudn 10am, 2pm or 5pm (other hours booked 3-4 weeks ahead)
  • Each class is about 3 hours of private training to the student's speed
  • The school does not conduct any classes after 9pm
  • On average there are about 20 class days (x2-3 per day) offered each month


Most of our students can usually finish their class training in about 6 days or less based on their skill to complete assignments and learn required safe hands-on skill. Since classes are private, all students will learn at their own speed and class assignments are done faster than in larger groups. Some students are faster to attend less days or need more training to attend more days.  Attending back to back dates is not done here to ensure that practice was done at home to bring issues to resolve at the next class date to master skill effectively. Those that do not practice a lot in between classes with service skills usually have very low confidence to go on to work at the end of the course. Attendance is no more than one day a week. Rushing can cause issue with passing the state exams at the end of the course.



Students are able to book up to three (up to 1hr) video chat or several (up to 30min) phone calls to get help with hands on homework or book study during the first 4 months of the course. Students can ask the instructor anytime for help to design a completion plan to do their work study and attenance around their personal events. Instruction here is easliy adjustable to the student's learning style because all class instruction is one on one by an experienced instructor with the ability to go faster or slower. 


Students will be required to take testing at the school (under recording video cameras) to verify that they were the one doing the online study work. Failed tests are $50 per try. There are two tests required to pass the book study/online part of the course. These tests must be passed to complete the course. 



Those driving over 60 miles are permitted up to 15 min late grace time and those driving over 120 miles are given a 30 min grace time to arrive. Please, NEVER text and drive! FYI: As of Jan 1, 2020 drivers are not allowed to talk on a phone put to their ear. Students can take breaks to use the restroom during classes. Smoking must be done over 10 feet from the front door. The GPS address is 12 Centre Court, Palmyra VA 22963
Students can cancel/reschedule classes online through their email reminder up to 24 hours before their start time but less than 24 hour cancellations can't be done online and will require a $50 rebook fee (exception to verifiable emergencies). Students needing a pause time in the course should discuss it with the instructor based on their verifiable situation or emergency.


Students can park anywhere during classes including right in front of the school. There are no steps or stairs inside/outside, space is ADA entry/seating space compliant, private handicap restroom on site, front door swings both ways, sturdy wood seating available upon request, parking is free with a walking distance of less than 20 feet from the door. This neighborhood is a safe, quite area with very low crime. There are windy roads since it is a rural area. See below for guest info.
Guests are not permitted to stay inside the school. Parking outside is usually quiet and peaceful exception the daycare nearby. Restroom use by guests will require a mask on with hand sanitation upon entry and exit using the hand sanitizer on the wall. There is no public wifi available at the school for security reasons. There is a restaurant Dogwood walking distance across the street with free wifi, inside seating and a bar to the side. There is a coffee shop to drive to across the street with lots of inside seating by the dominos/cvs shopping center with free wifi. The public Fluvanna County Library is about a 5 minutes drive away with free wifi from the parking lot and when available they also have a 45min computer use with prebooking. Those with a TMobile carrier should plan their route ahead because of low signal areas along the way. Zion Crossroads is about 15 min away and offers many choices to eat, walmart and lowes.





May 5-10

June around 9-21
July around 7-20

Sept TBA

Nov 22-28

Dec 13-31

Phone calls, text, email and video chat IS available during holiday closures (by appt)
Dates are subject to change for event & state training reschedules



Be cautious of online scam schools offering quick cheap online training that can NOT give credit hours towards licensing! No course that leads to licensing in Virginia can be 100% online. Credit hours for licensing must be done with a state licensed instructor in/with a state license school

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