About Lab Classes



Students MUST attend classes to pass tests on their online study and learn/show safe hands on skill.

  • Students complete 50 hours of online study before each class 
  • All classes are private one on one training with a 30 year Master Nail Instructor
  • Students will book their class online, by text or email when ready
  • Most attend their first day within 1-2 months of their payment in full or down payment
  • Students have 24/7 access to text the instructor for help when practicing 
  • Students have six months to finish the course.
    Organized and diligent students usually finish faster. Finishing in less than 2 months (from paying to start) is extremely rare.


  • Students pick their desired class days/times
  • pick any day in the week available Mon-Sun
  • Weekday times are available to pick any 3 hours between 10am-9pm
  • Weekend times start at 10:30am, 2pm or 5pm

RULES TO BOOK: (we have a unique course and have plenty of class openings with these rules)

  • can not book more than 2 days per month unless showing advance skills and high testing scores
  • can not book more than 1 day per week
  • max group is 4 if they enrolled together (must be on the same level day)
  • no class times before 10am or after 9pm


Payment Plan Students: 

  • must make their first monthly payment to attend Day 1
  • will not be released to take the state exams for licensing until the course is paid in full (even if they finished early)
    WHY? Students need to be ready for the most up to date state exams to get their license. We want the course study to go with their payment time (since they can't be released to take exams until the course is paid in full). Payment plans students that want to go faster than their payment plan time will need to pay their course off early to be ready for the current exam when they are released to take them. A discount of $50-150 is offered when a five month payment plan pays off a course in full within 60 days of making their down payment. . 


Hours on google are already booked classes.
​To schedule a visit on closed times on google:
 text or email first to book a visit. 



regular hours are by appt Mon-Sun 10am-9pm

Online study and contact with instructor is available when closed.

  • June 11-17
  • Aug TBA
  • Sept TBA
  • Oct 1-2
  • Nov 27-29
  • Dec 23-25, 31
  • Jan 1-13
    Dates are subject to change/reschedules for rare required state meetings & training events. Students that don't feel safe to drive can reschedule last minute on bad weather winter days without any penalty. The Instructor, Ms. Vivian, works with lawyers as an expert witness so the school is usually closed 1 weekend a month for court cases. 


Sanitation with Nail service safety

Career options with an understanding of client retention

Explaination of correct and safe cuticle/callus care to avoid violations and lawsuits

Understanding Polishing, Service Procedures, Safe Nail Filing, Tips & Adhesion Chemicals

Acrylic Nail polymerization/laying including sculpting & odorless application

Other nail training is only based on questions asked in class, timely completion of required material and passed tests and Q&A in class

The school is located in Central Virginia between Charlottesville and Richmond. Guests are not permitted to stay in the school during class instruction time.



Free parking is in front of the school with a 10-20' walking distance to the front door. This neighborhood is a safe and quite in a rural area (Palmyra, Virginia). A student Parking space can reserved (to be in a direct 100% view of the student's seat in class) about 10' away from the window. Wifi available upon request.
There are no steps or stairs to get into the school. Hallways, seating and the bathroom is wheelchair accessible. The front door swings both ways. Sturdy seating is available upon request or bring your own chair.
Each class is one on one training to offer an adjustment to each student's learning needs and speed. Inform the school before paying to enroll if you need accomodations with learning (like ESL or previous IEP/504 plans) to put you in the best matched online study level of learning. We only offer English reading and instruction in class. Spanish translation reading available upon request. Translators must be approved before assisting in class and can not hold a Cosmetology/Nail Technician license. 
There are about 15 minutes of dark windy roads if coming from the Zion Crossroads area of I64. Be aware of the Diamond exchange when getting off I64 at Zion Crossroads (with opposite side driving when exiting off the highway). We are about 15 minutes from busy Zion Crossroads. Rides like Uber and Lyft are not available from here. The closest lodging is at Zion Crossroads or in Charlottesville at the Pantops Area






Continued education after being licensed is important for all beauty professionals!
Students should regularly attend advance Pro workshops like CND, OPI, Kupa, NSI, GelX, MediNail etc. Amazing knowledgeable workshops can be done at yearly beauty trade shows in California,  Florida,  Tennesse,  Nevada or New York. Also check other Professional Nail product manufacturers for workshop classes all over the United States and Canada. If the class asks to see your nail license then it means that they are professionals providing a good quality education. 


Open minded safety first learning should be in place when learning from self taught or unlicensed nail teachers. Virginia regulation requires licenses to be posted for clients to view. The second violation is not having a nail/cosmetology license. Not posting a license in a easy to view area can be reported for violation.


Lawsuits are very real and happening all over the US with nail injuries from improper service/chemical use paying thousands to millions of dollars to clients (more if unlicensed). The Instructor here, Ms. Vivian, side career is working with lawyers to sue nail techs and salons across the United States. 

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