• Age 16 or older within one month of starting 
  • Valid Driver's License or DMV ID presented by first class day
  • Social Security card (if issued one) presented by first class day



  • High School diploma is not needed
  • 7th grade Math skills
  • 9th grade English Reading skills



  • Students do not have to live in Virginia to get a Virginia Nail License
  • Students with a Virginia Nail License can only sell nail care in Virginia
  • VA Nail License can transfer into other states to be dual state licensed



  • No credit check 100% approved with a deposit and monthly payments due anytime by the first of each month
  • missed or late payments will have a 5% of balance owed late fee applied on the 2nd
  • limited attendance per payment and not released to take state exams until course is passed within six months and paid for in full



  • Regular course cost includes limited online study access, class attendance, lab fees and textbook. Discounts available. 
  • Kit supplies can be bought by student or bought here. A list is provided after sign up. Kit items are not needed until first day of attendance
  • State exam fee paid to the exam center $172. Failed exams are $86 per try.
  • License fee paid to the state after passing state exams $105 and renewed every 2 years.



  • ESL book tutoring offered for $750
  • All in-Class pre-planned attendance offered for $500 more to avoid all online study. No online study requires attending 1 day a week for 12-15 weeks. 
  • Speak with the Instructor to understand these add ons



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