• Age 16 or older within one month of starting 
  • Valid Driver's License or State ID presented by first class day
  • Social Security card (if issued one) presented by first class day   


  • High School diploma is not needed
  • 7th grade Math skills
  • 9th grade English Reading skills
  • ESL Tutoring available with no online study (ask)



  • Students do not have to live in Virginia to get a Virginia Nail License
  • Students with a Virginia Nail License can only sell nail care in Virginia
  • VA Nail License can transfer into other some states to become multi state licensed. Each state's requirements will vary.
  • State ID's address used will be placed on the license with a option only to have it mailed elsewhere. No exceptions unless the ID is presented as updated before completion of the course.



  • Kit from here or Sanitation, Mani, Pedi, Wrap, Tip & Acrylic service supplies
  • Travel to Palmyra Virginia for 3hr classes by appointment 1-3x mo
  • Small notebook to write questions in and take random notes
  • Highlighter recommended for at home use in study
  • Items will be needed to take the state exam. Details given in class later. 
  • Cell phone, computer or laptop with internet to do online study
    (ask for the 15 day attendance in 4-5 mo to do NO online study)



  • No credit check 100% approved with a deposit and monthly payments due anytime by the first of each month
  • missed or late payments will have a 5% of balance owed late fee applied on the 2nd
  • limited attendance per monthly payment
  • payment plan option includes a $250 installment fee compared to pay in full cost
  • not released to register and take state exams until course is paid in full
  • 5% off any cash payment. Example: monthly payment is $400=$380 paid in cash

Steps to get a Va Nail Tech License:

  1. Pay in full (or make a down payment) to enroll anytime 24/7
  2. After payment, students are immediately linked by email to start their online study when ready
  3. In 2020 there is about 120 hours of online study. All self paced and open 24/7 to finish within six months
  4. Students can book class days to attend after a minmum of 50 hours of study (or more as desired)
  5. Students book desired days to attend 1-3 times a month while (or after) finishing online study. Total days to attend is around 6-10 in 2020 based on completion of requried hands on training after/before each class using supplies.
  6. Online study work will be verified with testing at the school under security cameras
  7. Students are released (and prepared) to take the state exams after the course is paid for, online study is finished with passed in-school testing and completion of hands on assignments after classes (state exam supplies and fee of $172 not included in our course cost)
  8. After passing state exams a Nail License will be issued (state license fee of $95 not included in our costs)

Students can book their class dates online, by phone, text, email or in person. Most classes are available on Weekends around 10am or 2pm. Classes are also on Mon-Fri at 10, 11, 12 or 1 with other times and evenings booked 3-6 weeks ahead. There will be 5-10 hours of practice work done before attending the next class date including minimum online work. Completion of a course in less than 3 months could lead to state exam failure unless the student has exceptional study skills and can responsibly complete about 30 hours a week of dedicated regular study.



  • Regular course cost includes registration fee, textbook, 6 month study access, limited class days, lab fees and textbook. Discounts are available. 
  • Kit supplies can be bought by student or bought here. A list is provided after sign up if not purchased here. Our kit takes the guess work out of what to buy and offers convenience. 
  • Supply items are needed at home within 30 days of starting the course to do hands on assignments after each class
  • State exam items will be needed towards the end of the course. Details are given in class.
  • Supplies are needed to take the state exams. We offer items for purhase or it can be purchased later by the student.
  • The $172 State exam fee is paid to the exam center after finishing the course. Failed state exams are $86 per try. These state exam fees are not included in our course cost. 
  • License fee paid to the state after passing state exams $95 and renewed every 2 years. The licensing fee is not included in our course cost.



  • Disclose previous/current regulatory board professional licenses denials and disiplinary actions from any state for review
  • Those with criminal convictions must disclose their violation for approval considered by the state board AFTER completion of a course and passing the state exams.
  • Disclose United States felonies within the last 20 years
  • Disclose misdemeanors within the last 2 years for moral turpitude, sexual offence, drug distribution or physical injury
  • Criminal Conviction Form sample required to fill out if you have a misdemeanor/felony described above
  • Those that do not disclose the proper information may have their application denied and/or very long delays in processing
  • Any disclosure at the school of criminal history will be kept 100% confidential from other students and outside the school



The instructor is retiring and no longer teaching after Dec 12, 2022

Enrollment will permanently close on May 31, 2022

Unlimited students can enroll in 2021 to finish before July 1, 2022 or sooner (6mo)

The first 10 students will be accepted to enroll from Jan 2022-May 2022

2021 Enrollment will close when the 10 student limit is reached or by May 31, 2022

The school will be permanently closed for business on Jan 01, 2022 and not releasing any student to take state exams seven months after enrollment. All files and personal records will be shredded or securely deleted in Jan 2023.

There will be no more class dates available after Dec 12, 2022

All uncompleted students enrolled in 2021 are considered failed with no extention time offered or refunds on June 1, 2022

All uncompleted students enrolled in 2022 are considered failed with no extention time offered or refunds on Dec 12, 2022

Student hours will be on file for state reference for a limited time.


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