• Age 16 or older within one month of starting 
  • Valid Driver's License or State ID
  • Social Security card (if issued one)


  • High School diploma is not needed
  • 7th grade Math skills
  • 9th grade English Reading skills
  • Only English available here


  • Students do not have to live in Virginia
  • A Virginia Nail License can only sell nail care in Virginia
  • VA Nail License can transfer into other states to become multi state licensed. Each State's requirements vary.
  • State ID's address used will be placed on the license with a option only to have it mailed elsewhere. No exceptions unless the ID is presented as updated before completion of the course.



  • Kit or Sanitation, Mani, Pedi, Wrap, Tip & Acrylic service supplies
  • Travel to Palmyra Va for 3hr classes by appt 1-2x mo (M-Sn/10-8)
  • Small notebook to write questions and random notes
  • Highlighter recommended for at home use in study
  • Items will be needed to take the state exam
  • Cell phone, computer or laptop with internet 
    (ask for 15-20 day attendance in 4-6 mo to do NO online study)



  • No credit check 100% approved with a deposit and monthly payments due anytime by the first of each month
  • missed or late payments will have a 5% of balance owed late fee applied on the 2nd
  • limited attendance per monthly payment
  • payment plan option includes a $250 installment fee compared to pay in full cost
  • not released to register and take state exams until course is paid in full
  • 5% off any cash payment. Example: monthly payment is $400=$380 paid in cash



  • Kit supplies can be bought by student or bought here. A list is provided after sign up if not purchased here. Our kit takes the guess work out of what to buy and offers convenience. 
  • Supply items are needed at home within the first 50hours of online study for hands on assignments 
  • State exam items will be needed towards the end of the course. Details are given in class.
  • Supplies are needed to take the state exams. A list is provided later.
  • The $172 State exam fee is paid to the exam center after finishing the course. These state exam fees are not included in our course cost. 
  • License fee paid to the state after passing state exams $95 and renewed every 2 years. The licensing fee is not included in our course cost.



  • Disclose previous/current regulatory board professional licenses denials and disiplinary actions from any state for review after finishing a course.
  • Those with criminal convictions must disclose their violation for approval considered by the state board AFTER completion of a course and passing the state exams.
  • Disclose felonies within the last 20 years
  • Disclose misdemeanors within the last 2 years for moral turpitude, sexual offence, drug distribution or physical injury
  • Criminal Conviction Form sample required to fill out if you have a misdemeanor/felony described above
  • Those that do not disclose the proper information may have their application denied and/or very long delays in processing
  • Any disclosure at the school of criminal history will be kept 100% confidential from other students and outside the school

Be cautious of scammers that can't help those wanting a nail license. 

ONLINE TRAINING: If you see 100% online training for salon services or salon business then it is not going to help you get a nail license needed to sell nail services in Virginia. There are some scammers creating an all online study course to make quick money but they usually don't tell you that it is just training that does not lead to licensing hours. Virginia requires some training and testing done INSIDE a state licensed school to get a nail license. 


ONE DAY TRAINING: If you see a single day or weekend training then it is designed for already licensed techs or just training at home to do nails NOT for sale. Some Techs will teach a one day course to make some extra cash but if it is not done inside a state licensed school by a state licensed instructor then the hours mean nothing towards licensing. Most Techs don't want to help others become their competition, they just want to make some quick money!

SALON APPRENTICE:If you are training as an apprentice in a salon you do not have to pay a salon to learn, they are suppose to pay you to be an apprentice (minimum wage or more as a W-2 employee and not a 1099 contractor). You are only suppose to pay for tools/supply, uniform or books. One licensed nail tech (in a state registered apprenticeship salon) can train one apprentice for 1 year with a minimum of 2,000 hours or more. Additional apprentices require additional licensed techs. Real registered apprentices will be given a apprentice license (that must be posted) by a state representative visitng the salon to check the DMV ID/Soc. Security card of the apprentice to earn their credit hours. We get so many students that have been scammed by this opportunity from employers that used them for grunt work and avoiding the possiblity that a training could become potentional competition. 

A Nail License is required for ANYONE selling nail services in Virginia!

In order to sell ANY nail services (including those in training) in Virginia you must have a posted Nail license given to you from the state regulatory board. Licenses are obtained after passing a state licensed course and the state exams administered inside a secured testing center. Single day or 100% all online training is not approved to sit for these state exams to get licensed. Be cautious of scammers out there! Unlicensed service providers can not be insured for liability and can be sued by customers. Violations will cause issues with obtaining any type of State regulated Career License later in life. 


Any person practicing barbering, cosmetology (hair care), nail care, or waxing services for sale without a posting license may be prosecuted and fined by the Commonwealth under §§ 54.1-111 A 1 and 54.1-202 of the Code of Display of license. A state issued posted license is required at all times for anyone selling nail care services (this includes learning apprentices posting their DOLI issued temporary permit).  Call (804) 367-8504 or email  to get help with filing a complaint about a unsafe salon or not seeing posted DPOR issued licenses for each staff selling nail care and an additional DPOR issued license for the salon. 

Nail Techs are trained and tested by the state to recognize skin issues for referral to a licensed Doctor or Podiatrist. Any Tech diagnosing, prescribing or providing "cure" medical treatment can be prosecuted including lawsuits by clients. All beauty professional are NOT allowed to cut any living tissue (or skin) off the fingers, toes or feet without an additional license from the Board of Medicine to avoid potential lawsuits from clients and a reportable violation
§§ 54.1-2400.01


  • We welcome wheelchair bound students with an accessible environment 
  • The state offers ADA accommodations for those taking their state exams with medical signed documentation.
  • The school walkways are ADA compliant with education provided in wheelchair accessible rooms/tables
  • all hallways and doorways are wide enough for wheelchair accessibility
  • The two way swinging door can be opened for those needing assitance
  • Free Handicap parking is within 20 feet of the door
  • Seating is available with or without arms and room for leg extension
  • Students are welcome to bring their own stable chair or request the use of one
  • There are no stairs inside or outside the school to enter
  • There is no curbs to step up for walkway into the school
  • The restroom at the school is ADA wheelchair compliant 
  • Please bring IEP documentation to request a private meeting before starting to discuss learning accommodations. This can be discussed as needed without documents.

Call or Text 434-305-9799


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