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Also known as Virginia School of Nail Artistry

State Licensed Nail Technology School in Central Virginia


2018 Online Course

This Online Course is available to start 24/7 online 

  • Usually completed within 6 months
  • About 150 hours of online study 
  • Great for self motivated and organized students
  • Recommended to those with years of nail experience
  • Cost of $2,800-$4,300 depending on when labs paid
  • Must finish all work, pass testing and labs within 1 year

2018 In-School Course

The In-School starts year round with pre-planned flexible attendance 

  • Usually completed within 4 months
  • Best for those needing organized schedules
  • Recommended to those with no nail experience
  • A must to those that need book work assistance
  • Cost of $4,500 (includes a kit and textbook)
  • Must finish all work within 6 months to pass
  • Higher completion rate than the online course
  • Start within 1-3 months based on openings

Tutorial Classes

Learn a specific subject in the nail care industry

One day tutorial classes to learn a specific nail subject. Open by appointment to Licensed or Non-Licensed Techs. Tutorial classes do not lead to licensure.

Current 2018 Students

This link is for newly enrolled students that started AFTER Feb 2018

 2018 course enrolled students can visit this page to find the links to finish their course study.

Previous 2017 Students

This link is for students that started BEFORE Feb 2018

2017 course enrolled students can visit this page to find the links to finish their course study. This page and all 2017 student access will be deleted in Feb 2019.


What kind of jobs do Licensed Nail Techs have?

  • Self-Employed to open a salon to work alone or with staff
  • Work at home doing services with whatever hours 
  • Work in salons, spas, cruise ships and resorts
  • Make online money with youtube videos, blogs or websites
  • Earn income as a sales rep for nail product companies
  • Mobile Techs can work in a RV or at people's homes
  • Techs can sell one day services for weddings or parties
  • A second job at spa resorts on busy weekends for high pay
  • Work at various locations to be desired and meet people

How much can Nail Technicians earn?

Nail services can cost $20-70 per hour depending on what kind of business you work in. Most people are familiar with cheap low end salons but high end spas or resort services are usually $40-100 each. Techs usually earn about half of the service cost in a salon plus an added 10-20% tip. Some businesses offer benefits and/or lower commission on top of an hourly salary.  Retail sales can add additional income from products sold to customers. See jobs HERE

Interested in how to file a complaint about a Salon or Tech?
State Issued Nail Licenses or training permits MUST be posted for anyone selling nail care services in VA including all learning apprentices. Violation is on the person selling nail services without a license, the salon selling nail services without licensed employees and an another violation is given to the salon for not POSTING individual licenses for every employee selling nail services. The state is relying on you to report violations!
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