This is a Virginia State Licensed Nail Technology School offering the education required to take the exams to get a Virginia Nail Technician License. This license is required in order to sell nail care services in the state of Virginia and can transfer through reciprocity in other varied states. This school continues to hold one of the highest state exam pass rates for Nail Technology.

What kind of jobs do Licensed Nail Techs have?

  • Self-Employed to open a salon to work alone or with staff
  • Work at home doing services with whatever hours 
  • Work in salons, spas, cruise ships and resorts
  • Work online with youtube videos, blogs or websites
  • Earn income as a sales rep for nail product companies
  • Mobile Techs can work in a RV or at homes/offices
  • Techs can work a one day service for weddings or parties
  • Jobs at spa resorts on busy weekends usually get high pay
  • Work at local salons to meet people in the area
  • Boost to confidence with clients that desire your services
  • Retirement homes/Podiatrists hire nail techs for nail care
  • Work on tv sets, magazines and modeling events
  • Become a personal Nail Tech to the wealthy/famous
  • Control when you work and how much you make
  • Work part time while doing another job 
  • Great for students to make money while in college
  • Side job that offers extra income
  • Also offers networking, confidence building and a creative outlet

How much can Nail Technicians earn?

Nail services can cost $20-70 per hour depending on what kind of business you work in. Most people are familiar with cheap lower end nail salons that can earn around minimum wage but most people do not visit high end spas or resort to realize that services are usually $40-150 each at these locations. Techs usually earn around half of the service cost in a salon plus an added 10-20% tip.  Some of the higher end businesses will offer benefits and/or lower commission on top of an hourly salary.  Retail sales can add additional income from products sold to customers. The nail employment market on the higher end that only want LICENSED Nail Technicians is in serious EXTREME high demand!


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